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How to lose stomach rolls without surgery

If you’ve tried all means to slim down or budge the pudge, only to fail over and over again, you’re not alone. Even those who are blessed with skinny genes and an incredible metabolism (lucky you!), can find stubborn fat pockets in certain problem areas. One great solution is Vanquish ME, a contactless, non-invasive fat removal treatment that has been dubbed as the alternative to liposuction.

cambridge therapeutics slimming treatment
Slim down the safe and painless way

How does it work?

An FDA-approved treatment for permanent fat removal, Vanquish ME is widely used by many plastic surgeons in Hollywood. It uses selective radiofrequency to achieve circumferential reduction, fat elimination and body shaping. The panel device emits radiofrequency energy to a particular area, targetting the fat layer and heating it to 45 degrees. This kills the fat cells while leaving the skin and surrounding tissues unaffected. As there’s no quick-fix to losing excess fat without surgery, Vanquish ME still requires at least four to five sessions before you’ll see visible results in the areas treated.


Is it for everyone?

Suitable for spot-correcting problem areas like the tummy, thighs and arms, this treatment is safe and effective for all healthy patients. It’s especially recommended for those who have tried exercising and dieting but are still unable to target stubborn fats.


Cambridge Therapeutics aesthetics singapore
Cambridge Therapeutics’ stunning space

Tried and tested

Cambridge Therapeutics is the only platinum status provider of the Vanquish ME treatment in Singapore. Anthia Chng test drives the treatment at the aesthetics medi-spa along Orchard Road.

“Though I’m only in my mid 20s, I am noticing a significant dip in my metabolism and fitness levels. It seems to take more effort trying to be half as fit as I was before. It doesn’t help that I’m a huge foodie – the food tastings and reviews (it’s a tough job) are impossible to resist! While my twice-a-week Muay Thai classes counteracts some of the guilt, I find it hard to target specific areas where stubborn fat has accumulated with time. My main concern? The lower stomach, a common problem spot for many females.

Cambridge Therapeutics is a luxury medi-spa in the heart of town. The beautiful space features modern interiors – dark grey walls and wooden floors, as well as a snazzy waiting lounge where you can make yourself a cup of tea and read some mags. After completing a few forms, I’m whizzed into a small treatment room and told to change into a robe.

The device used in the treatment is large and bulky, but it’s adjusted to fit the width of my lower stomach, leaving little space in between. Soon after, the 45-minute session begins, with a short interval every 15 minutes. My therapist had promised beforehand that the treatment is completely pain-free, and she was absolutely right. In fact, the warming sensation was rather comfortable – I even dozed off a couple times!

As with most non-invasive slimming treatments, the Vanquish ME takes more than just one session to achieve visible results. I’m definitely interested to try it again, since there’s virtually zero pain and downtime involved.”


vanquish me slimming treatment
Still not convinced? Here are some before and after shots!

Try it at:

Cambridge Therapeutics
#08-05A, Ngee Ann City Tower B
391 Orchard Road
6733 6729 | cambridgetherapeutics.com.sg


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