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What car are you?

Decided you need some wheels and keen to work out what vehicle is right for you or your family? Take our fun quiz to find out!

What is Thaipusam?

Early morning prayers. Piercings. Pots of milk. A long procession. To those who aren’t familiar with the Hindu ritual of Thaipusam, it may all seem a strange combination.

Explore: 6 things to do in Dempsey

Take a break from being busy and check out these 6 go-to places in Dempsey. Tuck in a hearty meal or have a browse at a home décor store.

I-India Fundraising Gala

This fundraising gala will be full of art, comedy, music, tantalising food, cocktails and dancing!

New to Singapore?

Join Expat Living, St James’ Place & Redsea Gallery for a Newcomer Wine Night