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Restaurant Review: Zento at Dempsey in Singapore


18B Dempsey Road
+65 6474 0378

It’s easy to zip past Zento if you’re driving on the one-way route into Dempsey, but don’t! This new contemporary Japanese restaurant is definitely worth trying.

The frontage is narrow and doesn’t prepare you for the vast space inside with seating capacity for 80 people. Hip décor and high ceilings embellished with bold, abstract paintings make this an enchantingly chic venue.

Zento’s sister outlet in Philadelphia has garnered many awards, and some of the ingredients used there are flown in from the US. The chawan mushi ($20), for example, contains Boston’s finest lobster – outrageously juicy and sweet compared to the varieties usually found in Singapore.

For starters, we had the spicy tuna pizza ($22), tasty and light on a crisp base. The Zento square sushi ($26), named one of the best Japanese dishes in Philadelphia, is a must-try: eel, avocado and plum paste are artfully combined and topped with salmon then glazed with a spicy sauce. The Wagyu beef udon is the highest grade Australian meat you can find and most of the fish here comes directly from Japan.      

Many of the dishes are beautifully presented works of art that you just won’t see on any other menu in Singapore. Owners Dyana and her husband, chef Gunawan, are passionate about what they do and this shines through. Check out their set lunch and dinner menus, too.

Note: Prices stated are subject to change and may not include taxes and service charges.