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Shopping in Singapore: Vintage Work Gear


Déjà Vu Vintage
#01-70 Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard
+65 6338 8013

Bea, our stylist, fell in love with the boutique store Déjà Vu Vintage. So when Kristen Thompson wanted to know where to buy edgy yet professional work outfits, Bea was eager to lead the way. The pair rushed off to the store, and here’s what they found.

Tell us about your job’s dress code.
I work for a US-based online home-schooling programme. My days are spent meeting with families and giving presentations. I need to look business professional, but personable too. Picking the right type of schooling for your children is a very personal decision, so families need to feel comfortable in my presence.

Have you been to Déjà Vu Vintage before?
No, I’ve been in Singapore about 18 months and hadn’t heard of it until now.

What to do you think of the shop?
It’s really fun. I love the way you can see that they have everything, clothes, handbags, hats, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can walk in and pick out a whole outfit. The more I look. the more unique pieces I find. The racks are well organised and it’s all great quality. There are brands that you recognise from high end fashion, and other labels too. 

Your favourite thing about the shop?
The jewellery is exceptional, I’ve really never seen pieces like this before. It’s a great place to find something a bit different and special.

Do you wear a lot of vintage clothing?
I have some pieces from my grandmother that I wear, more jewellery than clothes. I think it’s hard to know where to go in Singapore to find things that you can’t find somewhere else. I really this place, because if you buy a dress here it’s very unlikely anybody else will have the same one.

Would you say it’s mainly for office wear?
No, I think you could find something for any occasion. You can get accessories to smarten up outfits for the office or things to dress up daywear for the evening. There are evening gowns, skirts and dresses too.

Did you have fun today?
I had a lot of fun – I love trying on clothes. Some of the stuff I tried on I wouldn’t have picked out myself, but I thought it looked really great. You never know what’s going to look a lot better on you than it does on the hanger. Plus I was a bit nervous about sizes, but there’s a lot here for expats. Even garments that are too big!

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