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Pre-schools in Singapore: Choosing the Reggio Emilia approach to stay ahead of the curve

It’s one of the first of many decisions we make for our children: Choosing the right nursery, pre-school, or kindergarten. The early years are incredibly important in shaping a child’s holistic development, and this is where Singapore’s Odyssey, the Global Preschool is staying ahead of the curve. Odyssey recognises the need to provide quality and innovative curriculum for little ones, and with three campuses located across Singapore, this school is appealing to many expat families. Using the Reggio Emilia approach, the teachers and staff at Odyssey believe that children are capable of their own learning, and have natural desires to learn. We had the opportunity to take a look at the simple, yet outstanding facilities at this growing school, to see what they have to offer children age 18 months to 6 years old.


Reggio Emilia education for preschools the best curriculum for kids 

The Piazza
The importance of community and free inquiry are evident at Odyssey when you enter the Piazza. This facility resembles a central square of a traditional Italian town, and is a Reggio-inspired common area where parents, teachers, and children get to mingle and interact.

The Little Chef Lab
Do you have a budding little chef in your family? Odyssey’s Little Chef Lab is a child-sized kitchenette for facilitating children’s cooking, baking, and food-preparation activities. Children are never too young to explore the place where food is prepared, and you may have already realized this, as curious little hands go searching through your kitchen cupboards!


Reggio Emilia education for preschools the best curriculum for kids 

The Atelier
More than just an art studio, the Atelier is a provocative environment that evokes a child’s sense of wonder, curiosity, and creative expressions. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, children get to explore their creativity through innovative art techniques and mixed media, such as photography, acrylic and glass painting, digital art, wire sculpting, and light installations (all safe, and child-friendly, of course).


Orchard and Herb Garden
To bring children closer to nature and develop appreciation for the environment, all three Odyssey campuses have an orchard and herb garden where children get to grow their own crops and get in touch with Mother Nature. Not only do children learn simple cooking and food preparation, but they also see, touch, smell and taste the fresh herbs. In fact, daily meals at Odyssey are spiced up with these aromatic herbs.

Outdoor Learning Area
Housed with generous outdoor spaces and natural green surrounds, Odyssey’s campuses allow children to experience nature while learning in a real-world environment. The outdoor learning areas act as the bridge that connects children to the outside world, and encourages them to stay healthy and active through the school’s Fitness Fun programme.


Reggio Emilia education for preschools the best curriculum for kids 

Music Garden
Music and children go hand-in-hand. Installed with a customized set of tuned musical instruments, such as a Xylophone, drums and chimes, the Music Garden is a compound where little musicians experiment with different tunes and melodies. Beethoven got HIS start somewhere… didn’t he?!

Not Just a Pre-school
One of the fundamental principles under Odyssey’s child-centric approach is an emphasis of environment as the “Third Teacher”. In this aspect, the environment is seen as a living space where children are able to explore their learning through social interactions and experimentations. Recognising the important role environment plays in the educative process, Odyssey pays close attention to the design and layout of its physical environment. You’ll see this as soon as you step onto Odyssey’s campuses. They’ve successfully created places that are not only functional, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, but also grounded in research and enduring educational philosophies.

Odyssey, The Global Preschool
Fourth Avenue Campus: 20 Fourth Avenue, Singapore 268669
Wilkinson Campus: 101 Wilkinson Road, Singapore 436559
De Loyang Campus: 191 Jalan Loyang Besar, Singapore 506996

To find out more on how Odyssey’s learning environment can enrich your child’s learning experience, visit their website or call +65 6781 8800 to schedule a personal guided tour around the campuses today. Odyssey also has two campuses located in Malaysia.