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Takeaways in Singapore: Order your favourite healthy meals from a HUGE range of gourmet restaurants in one place!

You know the scene: It’s Sunday night, helper’s out, kids are in bed and takeaway is calling. You track down the sorry pile of menus in the bottom drawer; only you feel like sushi or a salad (waistline and all) and he wants a burger. So, who wins? Well, both of you if you scratch that scenario and order from foodpanda instead.

The nifty online and mobile food-ordering marketplace has just launched a new and improved delivery service, meaning your food will land on your doorstep in less than 40 minutes. They’ve also added heaps of healthy and gourmet restaurants to their list of partners, including Sushi Burrito, Sumo Salad, Eight Treasures Vegetarian, The Soup Spoon, Well Dressed Salad, District 10, Nandos and way more!


The new way to takeaway!
The new way to takeaway!

As of December 2015, nearly all foodpanda deliveries are delivered using foodpanda’s in-house technology which uses route optimisation technology to feed hungry customers as quickly as possible. foodpanda’s investments in technology, and closer management of the last mile, allow it to connect customers with more than 500 restaurants across the island and cut delivery times by a whopping 50%. The average foodpanda order will now arrive in under 30 minutes.

Simply click on the ‘express delivery’ filter on the mobile app or website and you could be tucking into Salmon Rumba, Thai Chicken or Beef Goulash (or a Double Whopper with Cheese from Burger King) before your episode of Game of Thrones is up!

“foodpanda’s service is all about the most popular dishes around Singapore from kitchen to doorstep as quickly as possible. Having our own foodpanda fleet of riders means our service is now more consistent and speedier than ever, ensuring food consistently arrives on time,” says Jakob Angele, CEO for foodpanda Singapore.

‘We listened to what customers really want and we’re seeing more health conscious choices being made, as well as a need for premium food delivery at home and at work. We’re so excited to partner with Singapore’s best restaurants to provide this.”

Food Panda

Foodie flash! Bookmark foodpanda magazine for restaurant news, recipes and events, and to find out interesting tidbits such as the most popular food delivery orders in Singapore.

Want to connect with foodpanda? Head over to their website at foodpanda.sg, download foodpanda at the App Store or PlayStore and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.