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Restaurant Review: Dinner on the Singapore Flyer


Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue
+65 6333 3311

When I booked a romantic dinner on the Singapore Flyer, I overlooked one thing. My wife hates being high above terra firma in a moving cabin, be it a high-speed elevator or a cable car tossing in the breeze.

Thankfully, a glass of champagne calmed her nerves and I was off the hook.

The Flyer’s Full Butler Sky Dining experience begins in the VIP lounge, with several reminders from staff to visit the bathroom – there are no toilets on the Flyer itself, and dinner comprises two revolutions (one hour, total).

Then it’s all-aboard one of the Flyer’s cabins, each of which can fit five tables. But they don’t always fill up – our cabin had only one other table, making for a roomy, relaxing ride.

The food isn’t quite worthy of the fulsome adjectives on the menu (“Breathtaking Appetiser”, “Captivating Entrée”, “Astonishing Dessert”), but it’s pretty decent, aside from some limp bruschetta. Highlights included an entrée of prawns with citrus salsa and a main of baked cod with honey miso.

An entertaining high-point comes at the end of the first rotation, when a team of waiters, stationed on the ground, rushes aboard to clear tables and bring new dishes, before the Flyer’s gentle rotation lifts the cabin into the night sky again.

If you eat at the same speed as me (lightning fast), you’ll be finished your main course with half a revolution to spare. This allows plenty of time to admire the views and take photos – until, that is, your better half looks up and says, “Any thought of actually sitting with your wife while she finishes her romantic dinner?”

Once that’s been cleared up, it’s back to the VIP lounge for coffee and dessert – in our case, an excellent panna cotta.

Sky Dining packages start from $199++ (not including alcohol).