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Expert tips: How to make your hairstyle last longer

Everyone loves a good blowout: sleek and stylish it pulls your look together instantly. The challenge is making it last in the humidity that envelops Singapore. So we got Ellie Sakrzewski, co-founder of The Big Blow, to give us her top tips to making your blowout last longer. Apparently, it’s all about getting the basics right.

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Here’s how to make that gorgeous style last for days


#1 Use a great shampoo and conditioner and use a weekly treatment so that your hair is in tip-top condition. Strong, healthy hair will always hold a blowout longer and sit better.

#2 Choose the right products for your hair. If your hair is fine, opt for a setting lotion that adds volume, and if your hair is thick, choose a mousse that doesn’t weigh it down. Frizzy and curly hair are well suited to smoothing lotions and products like Moroccanoil.

#3 If your hair is fine or very straight, it’s good to take a lot of the moisture out before beginning the blowout. If it’s curly, you’ll achieve the best results by keeping the hair wet from the beginning of the blowout.

#4 Invest in a good hair-dryer that has Nano Ion Technology. These hairdryers are superior as they eliminate frizz, maximise shine and detoxify the hair. The correct brushes are really important as well; good ceramic or natural bristle brushes work the best.

#5 Maintain your blowout by twisting it up and covering it when you’re bathing. If any moisture gets in, blast it out with the hair-dryer as soon as you’re out of the bathroom. This is the best way to maintain your blowout.

With your basics in place, all you need are the right products. Michelle Neo, director at Hair, We Are salon, lists the essential hair styling products you need to tame unruly locks and achieve the desired results.

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Get the style you want with these effective little helpers


Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl: Great for full-bodied curls and frizz control in our humid climate, this two-in-one curly and wavy cream serum formula seals in moisture and blocks out humidity to define and control all types of curls.

Redken Smooth Lock Heat Glide: A hair-smoothing spray that protects dry, frizzy hair for that critical styling session. It helps maintain hair’s natural moisture content and protects it from the heat for a smooth finish.

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil: This golden liquid does it all: doubles up as a conditioning and styling oil, detangles hair, speeds up drying time, provides that healthy shine to your crowning glory and can be used as a finishing serum when styling.

Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream: One pump of this leave-in conditioner helps fight stubborn frizz and keeps wavy and curly hair hydrated and soft to the touch all day. Smooth over hair through the day to tame unruly flyaways.

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Treat your locks to a nourishing treatment that will strengthen them


Olaplex: A must-have nourishing treatment before bleaching or colouring your hair and an essential follow-up to any chemical service, Olaplex links bonds in hair and strengthens it to prevent breakage. Think of it as a health supplement for your hair.

All products are available at Hair We Are, #01-08, 10 Jalan Serene.
6463 0353 | hairweare.co

The Big Blow, #02-21 Cluny Court,
6465 4836 | thebigblow.com


This article first appeared in the LIV January 2016 issue. For subscription offers, click here.

Model image credit: GHD

By Smita DeSouza