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Expat mums in Singapore: We interview Ros, who has five kids and no helper

Having three daughters, twin 18-month-old sons, a consulting job as a realtor and no domestic help surely makes Ros Scasserra some kind of superwoman. Here’s how she does it.

Introducing Super Mum 

Tell me about your family of five children. Did you always plan it to be this way?
I was three months pregnant with our third child when we moved from Australia to Singapore in 2008. Then, when we had our third daughter Catia (joining daughters Mia and Lola), I just felt like I wasn’t “finished”. My husband Angelo came round to the idea of adding to the family, but what we hadn’t considered was that we might have twins, even though they run in both sides of the family.

I had to tell Angelo over the phone, saying that the scan had picked up one healthy strong heart beat first, and then another. There was a long pause as he let the news sink in!

Has it been tough to have twin boys after having three girls?
I think you generally find the first the hardest as it is such a learning curve, and from then on it gets a little easier. By your fourth and fifth you’re really just so much more laid back; I actually find the boys, Nico and Luca, have been the easiest for me.

They are identical; they are so in synch, but are quite different in personality. They eat and sleep at the same time, and want the same things. Even as babies it was just the way they were. I’m used to not getting much sleep, but they were fairly good sleepers. Now, when they are in their room together I close the door, hear a little chatter but that’s about it. The initial year is hard, but then after that they become good companions and give you a bit of time off.

You’ve lived in the Keppel Bay area since you arrived. What do you like about it?
We’re still fairly close to Orchard Road, and the expressways make it a really convenient area to live in. I love the condo, the walks, and taking the kids out to Labrador Park: it’s a pretty walk and has a playground, and being close to the water means you get good fresh air as well.

Apart from the walks, what else do you and the family get up to?
I joined the Numama choir at The Little Arts Academy, a lovely mums and babies singing group. The girls all go to Avondale Grammar School in Phoenix Park, and their extracurricular activities include piano, guitar and singing. Mia and Lola take drama classes and ballet at Centre Stage, and all the children love swimming.


Indoor play: Singkids at VivoCity and Happy Willow at Fusionopolis are great for the twins when it’s raining or too hot.

Romantic meal: Tamarind Hill in Labrador Park is beautiful and we love eating there. We often get a sitter on a Saturday night and go out together.

Vegetarian food: Fortune Centre has some great organic vegetarian stalls. My favourite is New Green Pasture Café.

Sunday lunch: We usually go to Pasarbella because the girls do gymnastics around there anyway. I often eat at Vegan Burg , I love that place, and Angelo will go for the food at Pasarbella.