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Pet hotels in Singapore: Daycare services, boarding kennels, obedience classes and more

Holidays and trips home are top of the ‘happy’ list here in Singapore, but they can get tough when you face the prospect of leaving your dog/hairy child behind. Luckily, we’re pretty well-equipped when it comes to centres specialising in daycare and boarding – ensuring that your dog, cat or rabbit will be well fed, watered, loved and kept active while you’re away. In case you’re relocating, a few of the companies listed below will handle the whole importation and exportation of your furkid, too. Using this article to work out whether adopting an animal will be possible? See more about finding the perfect pet for your family here.

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Butter wouldn't melt...
Butter wouldn’t melt…


The Pet Hotel
No. 20 Pasir Ris Farmway II, 519317, Tel: 6582 2222
This kennel and cattery comes with the option of air conditioning so your pets are ultra comfortable, and are isolated away from noise. Your pal will also be fed premium quality Science Diet to ensure they get a balanced and healthy diet while your away. They also offer a range of additional grooming services, de-ticking, extra exercise, intensive care as well as single or round-trip transportation from your location of choice. Plus these guys are experienced in pet importation and exportation services and will make all the necessary arrangements. Besides cats and dogs, they’ve also transported rabbits, terrapins and even hamsters!

Pet Movers
4 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, 519318, Tel: 6571 3688
As well as their boarding kennel and cattery, these guys offer obedience training and a full range of grooming services. They’ve been very popular for their import and export services, too.

Animal World Express
Tel: 6259 2229
These guys specialise in worldwide pet relocation, with a zero mortality rate since 1979 (very reassuring to know).

We'd love to be this happy about general running
We’d love to be this happy about general running

Mitchville K-9 Kennels
16 Seletar West Farmway 1, 798132, Tel: 6482 0084
Mitchville provide full boarding for cats and dogs, as well as grooming and special care services if necessary. They have two qualified vet surgeons on site who will oversee the general wellbeing of your pet during it’s stay.

15 Thomson Hills Drive, 574759, Tel: 6451 2845
This pet boutique offers cat dog AND rabbit grooming as well as dog daycare services (no boarding). They ensure your dog is well fed, groomed and exercised during the day according to their specific requirements.

Pups playing at Paw Planet's spacious facilities
Pups playing at Paw Planet’s spacious facilities

Paw Planet
4 Chuan Garden, 558523, Tel: 9112 3470
In addition to regular daycare and boarding, Paw Planet offers a service they call IQ Enrichment daycare ($30 for 8 hours), which treats your dog to individual time with a coach where they learn tricks and skills that increases their focus and mental capacity, and also play with IQ puzzle toys to keep their minds busy – resulting in a happier, more balanced and calmer pooch.

House for Pets
5 Stagmont Ring, 688241, Tel: 6367 1753
They have a swimming pool! For dogs! That got us excited – but did you know it can also help build your dog’s muscles whilst easing stress on their legs? Fun fact. Choose from doggy daycare, boarding ‘sleep overs’, grooming and training. They also sell many well-loved pet brands on site, including Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Solidgold, Canidae, Wellness, Brit Care and more.

Life's a pool for these happy dogs
Life’s a pool for these happy dogs

K9 Kulture
100 Turf Club Road, #01-06 K9 Kampus, Tel: 6314 9363
K9 offer a full range of services from daycare to boarding. Their special ‘dogmitory’ is touted as a one of a kind boarding solution which doesn’t require kennelling. Their facilities boast a cafe for you to relax and chow down with your furkid, a pet shop, full grooming services and they even have a spacious dog run. Oh, and free parking.

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