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Cheap hotels in Singapore: Affordable places to stay across town

By: Rachael De Foe

While we’d all love to have the space to put up family and friends during their exciting visits to Singapore, heaps of us are confined to one or two-bedroom apartments that can’t accommodate everyone (despite the myth that we’re all minted!). And while there are more posh hotels than you can shake a stick at on the island, lots of friends and families like to stay for longer periods of time to experience life inside our beloved expat bubble. So rather than cramming everyone into your pad (and avoid claustrophobic feuding), we’ve put together a fab list of places to stay that won’t break the bank.

Wanderlust Hotel
Wanderlust Hotel

Wanderlust Hotel

If you’re looking to impress a creative type, this is the one! The Wanderlust Hotel is super trendy, with room categories that offer different experiences. Designed with quirky themes like ‘Bling’, ‘Tree’, ‘Typewriter’ and more, you can be sure to expect something pretty unique from a stay.

Best for: Anyone looking for a creative and hipster vibe
Price range: $150-200
Where: One Orchard Road, 238824
Contact: You can book online or call +65 6396 3322 

The Pod
The Pod

The Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel

If you’re hosting someone who’s all about ‘experience’ and really wants to reign in the spending, consider booking The Pod. It’s the epitome of minimal, modern living, with each guest basically getting an individual pod with a bed to sleep in. All beds come with breakfast buffets, local calls, free dry cleaning and more.

Suitable for: Individuals, young couples or anyone willing to try something new.
Price range: From as little as $30-100
Where: 289 Beach Rd, 199552
Contact: Book online here or call +65 6298 8505

Costa Sands Resort - Sentosa
Costa Sands Resort – Sentosa

Costa Sands Resort

Looking for a tropical escape but don’t want to splurge too much? The Costa Sands Resort is a pretty sound compromise. Their pretty hotels come with pools, BBQs and playgrounds, with access to beaches or woodland (depending on which location you choose). With three hotels to choose from – Downtown East, Pasir Ris and Sentosa – you can choose the closest spot to your home.

Best for: Almost anyone. Kids will especially enjoy this one so keep it in mind if you’re hosting young families
Price range: Rooms start around $150, based on location and season
Where: Downtown East: 1 Pasir Ris Close, 519599, Pasir Ris: 159M Jalan Loyang Besar, 509404 and Sentosa: 30 Imbiah Walk, 099537
Contact: Book online through their website or call +65 6582 3322 (Downtown East), +65 6582 2098 (Pasir Ris) or +65 6275 1034

Naumi Liora
Naumi Liora


Naumi Liora

Stay in the heart of Chinatown (ideal for the party people and foodies) at the Naumi Liora, which calls itself a ‘modern heritage hotel’. With quirky selling points such as free nibbles and an awesome cocktail bar called The Library, this hotel is a good little find in a busy location.

Best for: Guests who like getting stuck into ‘the scene’
Price range: Around the $150 mark
Where: 55 Keong Saik Road, 089158
Contact: Check out their website for availabilities or call +65 6403 6003

East Coast Bungalow
East Coast Bungalow

NSRCC East Coast Bungalows

If you’re looking to give your guests a ‘paradise experience’ for less, consider the bungalows at the National Service Resort and Country Club. To keep costs down, this option is perfect for families or groups of friends who are looking for a little rest and recreation. Located close to Changi Airport, this is one for short stays, with restrictions; two night minimum stay, plus maximum bookings of two bungalows for four nights.

Best for: Young families or larger groups of friends
Price range: $250-520
Where: 10 Changi Coast Walk, 499739
Contact: Bookings can be made online here or call +65 6336 6000

Hangout Hotel at Mt Emily
Hangout Hotel at Mt Emily


As its name would suggest, this is a relaxed place for chilling out. On top of great value for money, this place is close enough to the city, but removed enough to escape the hustle and bustle. Set next door to the picturesque Mt. Emily Park, this is a lovely spot.

Best for: Younger individuals and couples
Price range: Private rooms from $130, shared rooms from $40
Where: 10A Upper Wilkie Rd, 228119
Contact: Book online for cheaper prices or call +65 6438 5588

Ibis Hotel (...may or may not make you this happy)
Ibis Hotel (…may or may not make you this happy)

Ibis Hotel

There are decent Ibis Hotels in Novena and Bencoolen, which are pretty handy spots. There are various rooms and options that make it suitable for most guests, with adjoining rooms for families.

Best for: Most guests. Especially for larger families
Price range: From $140
Where: 6 Irrawaddy Road, 329543 and 170 Bencoolen St, 189657
Contact: For bookings visit their website or call +65 6593 2888

Hotel 81
Hotel 81

Hotel 81

We probably wouldn’t recommend this one for families, but for pals who are used to hostels, the Hotel 81 chains are pretty basic and do what they say on the tin. There are locations all around the island, so you can pick one that’s in the city or close to your apartment (although steer clear of red light districts!). Some of the better-rated ones include Dickson, Heritage, Sakura, Tristar and Star.

Best for: Individuals or young couples
Price range: From $50-$130
Where: Various locations
Contact: You can book through their website here or call +65 6336 8181

Fragrance Hotel
Fragrance Hotel

Fragrance Hotels

Much like Hotel 81, this basic accommodation is great if you’re on a tight budget. It’s one of Singapore’s largest hotel chains and there are options all over the place. As with Hotel 81, stick to booking a room that’s on a street you know and trust.

Best for: Individuals and young couples
Price range: From $50-200
Where: Various locations
Contact: Online booking is available here or call +65 6345 6116



You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this gem! With a sound reputation and a location in the centre of town, this is definitely worth considering. Now altogether, “It’s fun to stay at the…”

Suitable for: Most guests. An ideal option for families, couples or individuals
Price range: Single/twin rooms are charged at $230 per night, family deluxes at $274 per night and junior suites at $300 per night.
Where: 1 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238824
Contact: Book online here or call +65 6542 2036

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