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Six of the best US websites for baby and kids’ gear: Delivery to Singapore c/o PacMe!

Fed up with Singapore price-tags for baby and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories and toys? Get branded goods from your favourite US websites delivered to you in Singers for a snip of what you’d normally pay here with PacMe, an ingenious service that gets around the issue of US stores that don’t ship internationally or that whack on a huge fee for the privilege.

We’re not even going to mention the word ‘consolidators’ as that sounds terribly dull and doesn’t even come close to explaining how cool PacMe is and how much moolah it can save you while you’re filling up your shopping basket from the comfort of your sofa!


So how does it work, then? Sign up to the nifty service (free for EL readers!) and you’ll be given your very own dedicated US mailbox number at PacMe’s Oregon warehouse. Not only will you benefit from the state’s tax-free status (Oregon, we love your style), their team of expert repackers will meticulously bundle your stream of parcels into a single super-strong double-walled box, reducing the dimensional weight (you know, all that empty space in boxes) by as much as 80 percent in some cases. Repacking saves you money!

And the benefits of PacMe don’t stop there. They’ll also log your incoming purchases on their website, scan the invoices and photograph your loot for you, as well as keeping all your goods on their shelves safe and sound until all your purchases arrive and you’re ready to ship. And, did we mention the outstanding customer service? Not just your average forwarders then.

For all these amazing services, the fees are totally reasonable – $3 per incoming package (capped at 7 packages so anything over that is FREE), a $20 flat fee to consolidate and repack all your packages (only $10 if you’ve got 1-3 packages). Of course, there’s also the shipping fee to pay, but PacMe’s got your back here again. They’re BFFs with the likes of USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx and can pass on their heavily discounted shopping rates to you.

All of this is basically license for a shopping spree to stock up on baby and child paraphernalia because the more you ship, the more you save (those first few kilograms are always the priciest as compared to, say, a bundle of goods over 10-15kgs). So we’ve rounded up our top six US shopping websites that are now perfectly accessible thanks to PacMe.



A one-stop-shop for baby and kids essentials stocking award-winning toys, potty training solutions, clothing and more. And PacMe gets you around that ‘no international shipping’ rule!


We all know and love this giant for their amazing prices on baby and children’s gear but no international shipping – pah! We’ve added you to our bookmarks now though, Target!


Another superstore with no international shipping that we’ll now be hitting up with our new PacMe address.


Sure, they’ve got a branch here but their prices are higher and the US version offers a larger variety of items. They don’t do international shipping though – hello PacMe!

Children’s Place

Shop for trendy apparel for newborns and babies, all the way through to tweens and teens, with a stellar clearance corner, too. They offer international shipping, but coupons don’t apply – unless, that is, you use your PacMe mailbox number instead!.


Bedding, pregnancy, health and safety, toys – everything a Mama needs for her tots and toddlers. And, yes, they offer international shipping, but their shipping costs are pricey and purchase prices rise when they convert to Sing dollars.


Sold? Sign up for your free account (usually $40) at www.pacme.com by typing EXPAT into the promo code box. The lovely PacMe folks will also be hanging out at the Storks Nest Sale this Saturday 23 May at the Australian International School (they’re proud sponsors, you know), so pop by their booth for a chat and a chance to win one of their fabulous PacMe L.L.Bean tote bags.

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