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Moving to Singapore? Insurance tips for expats

Once you make the decision to relocate to Singapore, the list of things you need to sort out will quickly start to swell – from the logistics of the journey itself, to finding the right school for your kids once you’re here. Amidst all this, it’s vital to make sure you and your family are well covered, from the moment you leave the comfort of your home until you’ve settled down in your new digs. With the help of the team at AXA Singapore, we’ve put together a checklist of eight important insurance tips that you should work through as you prepare for this new phase of your lives.

 Insurance tips for expats

#1 Be safe, even before you board

Getting organised for a move means gathering all the necessary documentation together. Make sure that this documentation includes a travel insurance policy that covers your entire family. If it’s an existing policy, be sure the check the expiration date before you leave.

#2 Read the fine print

The journey to your new home can be a trying process, especially if it involves long flights with children and countless suitcases. Check that the travel insurance policy covers you for things like lost luggage, documents and possessions, as well as medical and rescue services.

#3 Get a policy with emergency help

A 24-hour helpline is useful in the case of any emergencies, so check if your provider has one, and make a note of the number should you need to call it. For plans provided by AXA Singapore, the helpline number is +65 6322 2566.

#4 Don’t leave health on the backburner

Getting to Singapore is one thing, but you’ll also need an ongoing international health insurance plan that provides access to the best possible medical care within Asia should any illnesses or injuries occur in your new home. One example is AXA InternationalExclusive, which provides a high level of international private medical care for you to receive treatment whenever you want, anywhere in the world. (Some of its features are listed below.)

 #5 Know what’s covered

In the case of AXA InternationalExclusive, for example, the policy provides direct settlement within AXA Singapore’s network of hospitals, and cashless visits at its outpatient panel clinics. It also covers overseas evacuation and repatriation service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

#6 Be aware of any listed exclusions

You don’t want to be caught out by surprise, so in addition to knowing what is covered by the policy, be sure to check for any restrictions or exclusions.

#7 Check who’s covered

It goes without saying that you should ensure that your spouse and children are covered by your health insurance plan. But be aware of the specific details. Is someone having a birthday soon? Will their change of age affect how they’re covered?

 #8 Anticipate before you relocate

Moving internationally is more complex than you think, as it comes with the added worry of packing and physically transporting your entire “home” overseas. Even if you’re a meticulous planner, there’s no avoiding an unexpected disaster – like the loss of some of your goods during their transit. So, it pays to be cautious at every step, and to have a back-up plan. Arrange for removals and transit insurance, for example, if you think it’s needed.


With all these things in mind, you’re chances of a seamless relocation will improve greatly. Good luck for the move – and welcome to Singapore!


Some of the features of the AXA International Exclusive plan:

  • Comprehensive international private medical coverage up to S$4 million yearly for hospitalisation and outpatient treatment, including cover for pre-existing and congenital conditions.
  • Outpatient cover including alternative treatment, vaccination, dental, optical, health screening and more.
  • Cashless visits within AXA Singapore’s local outpatient network of general practitioners and specialist clinics.
  • Live chat/video calls with doctors.
  • Maternity benefits including newborn accommodation for mothers-to-be.
  • For women planning to have babies, investigation into infertility, pregnancy and delivery, pre- and post-natal complications, newborn acute medical conditions and congenital conditions.
  • For mothers with young children, cover for themselves together with their kids, with a 10 percent family discount when you cover three or more family members.
  • For mature mothers, a choice of various plans to cover hospitalisation costs, outpatient expenses and routine health screening, dental care and optical care, to various extents.

Special bonus: AXA Singapore is now offering customers a Home or Personal Accident Plan for free, for mothers and mums-to-be who sign up for AXA InternationalExclusive. The promotion runs until 16 June 2017.

Brought to you by AXA Singapore.


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