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Dog parks in Singapore: Awesome walks and runs for your pup

By: Susannah Jaffer

Bought or adopted a canine friend in Singapore, but struggling to think of new, fun green spaces in and around your area? We hear you. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have a house with a big ol’ back garden, so taking the puppy for a walk around the neighbourhood is the only way to nail their daily exercise. And, while strolling along the pavement in Singers is significantly nicer than it is back home, there are probably more dog-friendly outdoor spaces here than you first realised. Green parks, off-lead dog runs and coastal parks are scattered all over the island, offering lots of good walking opportunities.

Oh, and if you’re planning to stop for a bite to eat or like taking your beloved dog along to social dates, you should definitely check out our guide to pooch-friendly restaurants and cafes, most of which are a short distance from the below walking areas.

We'd love to be this happy about general running
We’d love to be this happy about general running


Official Dog Runs

Singapore has a fair amount of dog runs with special facilities just for Fido, where you’re able to let your pal off the leash to run around, play (nicely) and have fun (within certain limits, which are noted on the entrance!).

Bishan Park Dog Run
Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Managed by nparks, this large, fenced dog run is located right within the picturesque Bishan Park, and gets very busy on the weekends. There is a fenced area especially designated for bigger dogs, too.

Katong Park Dog Run
Marine Parade, Junction of Fort and Meyer Road
This dog run is small, fenced and has some agility facilities.

Bishan park - surprisingly lovely
Bishan park – surprisingly lovely


West Coast Dog Run
Pasir Panjang Road
Located at West Coast park, this dog run is open to the public at all times with no defined operating hours. Certain large breeds are told to remain muzzled at all times and kept on leash. Bio-degradable poo bags are provided, plus water is available on tap for filling up bowls.

Jurong Lake Park
Open 24/7, but reportedly poorly lit during the evenings, so a daytime visit is best. Also, factor in the fact that there’s a pretty long trot from the car park to the green area itself.

Life's a pool for these happy dogs
Life’s a pool for these happy dogs

K9 Kulture
100 Turf Club Road
If you want to go all-out for your wee pal, K9 Kulture is some sort of doggie paradise. There’s a free swimming pool for pups, a dog-run and heaps of space, while you can pay for training sessions, grooming, day care and more. There’s also a diner for humans and animals alike, perfect for enjoying a tea while your mutt passes out after all the excitement.

Pet Mover’s Dog Run
4 Pasir Ris Farmway
This free-to-use pet run boasts pesticide free grass, a dog wading pool and a bathing area with free shampoo. There’s also a cafe for you to hang out at while watching your pets play. There’s a special fenced-off area for smaller dogs, while certain large breeds must be muzzled.


Dog friendly parks (without dog runs!)

You can’t legally let your dog off the lead (although many do with well-behaved pups), but these parks have plenty of green space for roaming around with your pal.

East Coast Park
East Coast Parkway
With tons of scenic coastline, fresh air and plenty of room to run around, East Coast park is a great afternoon out for your pooch. Weekends get pretty packed with cyclists, runners and picnics, so a weekday or early visit is perfect space-wise.

East Coast Park
East Coast Park


Labrador Nature Reserve
Pasir Panjang Road
Located on the West Coast, the relaxed Labrador Nature Reserve park has plenty of sea views, green spaces and tall grass to give your dog a long pad around. We like that this spot isn’t too packed, even on weekends, with plenty of facilities.

Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
This central park has plenty of green and hilly spots, as well as pooches-welcome cafe Casa Verde, which serves up yummy Italian grub.

Dog friendly open spaces

Tanjong Beach Club
120 Tanjong Beach Walk
A perfect brunch spot for beach-lovers and dogs alike. There’s a lot of space around TBC for your pal to leg it around the sand, make furry friends and splash in the ocean. There are also plenty of shady spots for them to get out of the hot sun, whilst you enjoy a cocktail (or two) and food with pals.

Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa
Tanjong Beach Club, Sentosa

50 Siloso Beach Walk
This beach-side bar and resto has plenty of shady spots thanks to large benches and brollies on the beach, as well as a sheltered deck where you can relax with your pooch and eat excellent seaside food.

Bukit Brown Cemetery
Lorong Halwa
One of the largest authentic Chinese cemeteries outside of China, this is a wild green space with beautiful scenery. It’s very peaceful during the week and is often deserted aside from the occasional dog walker.

The Green Corridor
Also known as ‘The Railway Land’, this is an old railway line connecting lots of other green spaces together.

Check out our guide to the lovely stretch of land here.

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