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Hair Care in Singapore: Where to go for Balayage

Hair colour and care is always a hot topic here at ELHQ. Conversations range from how to achieve natural blondeness and covering grey to dealing with frizz in this Singapore climate. How many times have you entered a salon asking for natural looking colour and left feeling deflated by the result? We’ve all been there! Well there now appears to be a new kid on the hair colouring block – Balayage – and if it’s good enough for the likes of Rhianna, it’s good enough for us! On our continual quest for colour perfection – EL headed to Kimage Prestige to find out more.

Balayage actually means ‘ to sweep or to paint’ and Kimage advocates it’s this hand delivered technique that ensures natural looking colour, that fades with very little obvious re growth. Now that’s quite a claim, so we were eager to put it to the test. Here’s how we got on….


Katie Peace: Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from Balayage, as I’d never heard of it, but the promise of natural sun-kissed highlights and low-maintenance colour sounded too good to miss. Having had various blonde hair colouring disasters, I explained to my stylist Scarlett at Kimage Prestige Plaza Singapura that I wanted subtle blonde- not a full head of blonde- which would need root maintenance within weeks. This is where Balayage comes into play. Scarlett set about painting the colour onto different sections of my hair and explained that she was using a number of different colours ,5 in total, to vary the tones. After waiting thirty-minutes, the first load of colours were washed out, and a new lot of shades painted on. The process was repeated. A toner was applied too to ensure that my blonde highlights were not ‘yellowy’. The final step was a bonding treatment to help protect and smooth the hair. When she’d finished blow-drying and adding soft curls, the final effect was gorgeous. My hair is sun-kissed with all sorts of subtle colours running through it. I love it! Plus the condition of my hair feels great which isn’t something I can always say after a colouring session. The whole process took 4.5 hours, so it’s an investment of time, but the result was worth it!”.

Eline Jeanne: Intern Editor

“Having never dyed my hair before, I was a bit nervous about heading to Kimage for a Balayage treatment. The last thing I wanted was a drastic change in colour, as I am quite happy with my natural tone. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the result. Balayage simply enhanced my natural colour, and while still a noticeable change, it’s definitely a good one.

I was really happy with Kimage and my stylist, Thomas Goh. The process went smoothly, the stylists were friendly and accommodating and the lengthy head massage during my hair wash made the treatment even more enjoyable. Do clear your schedule for this though; it takes several hours. I took it as an opportunity to read a book I’ve been itching to finish while the dye was working its magic.

I really like the sun-kissed look of my hair after Balayage and it feels healthy too. I can see myself going back to get it done again in the future, and am curious to see how long it lasts. I’m hoping Thomas was right when he told me it usually lasts for months!”.

Balayage isn’t for everyone, so the Kimage experienced stylists are multi talented! For those lucky enough to have natural highlights (nature has been kind!), a good cut and blow dry may be all you need to revive your locks. It’s amazing how a sleek mane can finish a look and boost that confidence.

Rebecca Bisset: Editor in Chief

“When you have curly hair, there seems to be fewer stylists that know what they’re doing for cuts and blow dries, so I was fairly nervous going to a new place.  Ivan was assigned my locks for a blow dry on my way to an event: I explained to him that I wanted larger curls, but smooth with some height at my crown. Most of the time, to make it smooth, my hair is blow dried dead- straight and then curled. Ivan did a very gentle blow dry and used a curler to cement the curl.  I was thinking that the minute I go in to the humidity, this is all going to go ‘boof’.  He teased the top so I had some lift and put some styling cream on it, and it looked fantastic.  It stayed right through to the next day, with the waves in place and no frizz and it wasn’t flat.  I would definitely go back to him”.
Catherine Willingham: Online Editor

“It’s been a little too long since my last cut and it shows. Benson Khor (Leading Stylist) suggested we keep the ‘U’ shape at the back, but lob off about 2 inches and modern-it-all-up with some (previously lost & woeful) layers. Then- I love this part- at Kimage, you lie down while your stylist washes your hair. Very comfy, with subdued lighting and all-in-all very calming. Then, Benson gave a quick, but very thorough cut, (he’s clearly very experienced), followed by a gentle and precise blow-dry. (Not blasting hot either- fab!) Benson suggested using the flat-irons to tame my ever-present frizz and voila! I was done within forty-five minutes. Super-quick and efficient; perfect if you’re on your way out for an event. Also- very convenient in Plaza Singapura- I’ll be back for sure!”.

Experience the effect for yourself and book in for a Balayage treatment or other hair services available at the thirteen Kimage salons island wide.

To book: email enquiry@kimage.com.sg or call 6883 2700

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