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Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore

We’ve been there, friend


Thanks to the exceptionally humid climate in Singapore, frizzy hair is a mane problem (see what we did there?) when it comes to our daily beauty routine. Even without rushing around or getting caught in the rain, it’s almost impossible to keep a hairstyle looking fresh all day in this country. But don’t give up and reach for the razor just yet (seriously, don’t – Google ‘bald Britney’ if the weather gets too much) – there are all sorts of solutions out there. From hard core treatments and fruity serums to natural oils and herbs, presenting lots of ways to de-stress your tresses.

Brazilian Blowout

Thick, fine or curly hair? Keratin Complex Hair Therapy is an anti-frizz straightening treatment that’s suitable for all hair types. It lasts for around three months and can control hair’s bushiness, frizziness and also strengthen it and add volume. The process begins with the application of a blend of natural keratin then compressed into the hair cuticle with the heat of the flat iron.

Hot seat: 90 minutes

Charge it: From $300

The Spot: Le Papillon, Park View Square

Book: 6392 3886 | lepapillon.com.sg


Japanese Touch    

Anti-Frizz by YUKO is an innovative Japanese anti-frizz treatment, that will permanently control frizz to make hair more manageable and healthy. It’s pretty much the opposite of a perm, with the treatment lasting until your hair grows out.

Hot seat: 120 – 240 minutes

Charge it: $300 – $500

The Spot: Trimmings, Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street, #02-17

Book: 6737 8512 | trimmings.com.sg


Keratin is the Key  

Keratin-based products and treatments are widely popular when it comes to dealing with the humidity. This anti-frizz straightening treatment with Keratin can help soften and smoothen the hair, thus making it more manageable. The treatment begins with the application of protein keratin after shampooing, followed by an hour of gentle blow-drying and another hour of straightening with an iron. You can’t wash your hair for the next 48 hours, instead returning to the salon two days later for a post treatment hair wash and styling. Frizzy hair is a serious business, eh? But the effect lasts for three to four months, so it’s more than worth it.

Hot seat: 180 minutes

Charge it: $400

The Spot: Visage The Salon, Delphi Orchard #02-12/15

Book: 6733 0933


African Power Plants

The ASP Kitoko Luxurious Hair Treatment is a deep-action nourishing treatment, designed specially to rejuvenate and strengthen fragile and damaged hair. Combining specific sensory fragrances with relaxing head massages improves circulation, relieves any stress and influences the energy channels. The routine also ensures that Kitoko’s products (which are infused with African plant extracts) will deliver optimum results.

Hot seat: 45 – 60 minutes

Charge it: $150

The Spot: Organic Hair Professional, Orchard Central #03-15

Book: 6554 2188


Botanical Therapy

Whether you’re after a deep moisturising anti-frizz solution for dry hair or chemically damaged locks, it’s recommended to do a hair diagnosis first. Botanical Hair Therapy has a functional blend of quinoa protein, sugar beet and soy-derived lecithin to condition, repair, and smooth frazzled strands. You also get a shoulder and hand massage, with the spa-like treatment being designed to stimulate circulation and relieve tension.

Hot seat: 60 minutes

Charge it: From $119

The Spot: Urban Hair By Ginrich, Seviin, Tangs, Orchard

Book: 6737 7813 | www.urbanhair.com.sg


Manetenance (typo on purpose, honest)

If you don’t have the time or cash to splash on long-term treatments (or simply fancy adding a little shine after indulging in the above), having the right products at home will help you keep fighting the battle against frizz.

Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore
Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore


Philips ActiveCare Straightener

Bid adieu to grizzly, frizzy hair with the Philips ActiveCare Straightener. The advanced Philips EHD technology and sonic technology distributes heat evenly to avoid burning your barnet and causing split ends. Coupled with Triple-Care plates, having glossy yet healthy hair just got easier.

Price tag: $139

Check out: Leading electronics stores

Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore
Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore


Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Spray
A weightless, ultra-dry, humidity-resistant hair spray that acts as a barrier against humid conditions, locking out frizz. Water-light, it never leaves hair feeling stiff or sticky.

Price tag: $23

Check out: All Sephora outlets

Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore
Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore


John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum

Ah, an old fave! The cheap as chips Frizz-Ease Hair Serum Original Formula suits medium to coarse hair and helps block frizz, repels humidity and contains a UV filter. Its exceptional blend of silicones creates a smooth texture that leaves no oily residue on the hair.

Price tag: $16.90

Check out: Selected pharmacies

Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore
Beauty 101: The best frizz-fighting remedies for hair in Singapore


Moroccanoil Treatment

The most talked about hair oil treatment for frizzies is undoubtedly Moroccanoil Treatment. It’s a versatile and multitasking product that can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil, strengthening proteins and shine-boosting vitamins, the oil detangles, restores elasticity and revitalises the hair.

Price tag: $68

Check out: Visage The Salon, Delphi Orchard, #02-12/15


Hair Diet

Hair is made of protein, so what we pop in our mouths can make a huge different to frizz too. The Nutrition Clinic recommends the following protein-rich food to help your ‘do grow stronger and longer. To know much you should eat daily, calculate your weight (kg) x 0.8g.

1 egg = 6 g

1 cup of beans = 12 g

½ cup firm tofu = 10g

1 cup quinoa = 8 g

1 cup of red lentils = 15 g

11 almonds = 3 g

1 cup yogurt = 13g

Protein powders = 15g

Fish fillet = 25g

Chicken portion = 18 g

Camden Medical Centre, #04-07

6735 2350 | thenutritionclinic.com.sg

Your Secret Solutions

When we asked you lot on Facebook how you all cope with the humidity, we received lots of weird and wonderful tips. From homemade recipes to slimy showers, you’ve all tried and tested these interesting (and affordable) tricks. And, not ones to keep secrets, we’re sharing the good stuff with the rest of you so we can all have a crack at finding the perfect anti-frizz solution.

Jennifer Jenkinson Cormier: “I use 1tbsp baking soda to a cup of water and love it (no shampoo). Condition with an organic conditioner, lightly rinse, then use a sulphate-free and alcohol-free styling product. My curly hair loves it and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately.”

Jan Murphy: “Turkish olive oil soap can be used to wash hair. If you add a squirt of conditioner to a jug of warm water and pour over your hair it acts as a leave in conditioner – this is a tip from Kelly Hoppen who has amazing curls.”

Paula Robinson: “Coconut oil works great for moisturising and fighting frizz, but keep it off of the roots. Concentrating an oil control shampoo primarily close to the scalp (try not rub the lather everywhere) helps to dry the roots but not the rest of the hair. Towel dry your hair then add a leave in conditioner mixed with frizz control serum – work it through the hair. Blow dry on the cool setting. Use a lightweight hair spray!”

Sanya Shaila: “Red wine vinegar rinse (diluted, of course) helps with the grease – but the smell can be offensive so add a few drops of essential oil!”

Tran Huynh: “Apply olive oil for 5 minutes before washing. I also used Goldwell Rich repair treatment shampoo and Oscar Blandi smoothing hair treatment. My hair is much better now!”

Cathy Lindsay Jones: “I don’t know yet about the humidity but I am learning how to deal with curl and fight frizz. The key is moisture and Deva’s Moisture Masque is amazing. Use sulfate free shampoo, condition well, and try a curl gel or mousse. Blow-drying just makes it worse.”

Lindley Craig: “I learned the best system from Alison Kerlin. Shampoo once with a 20-cent size amount of shampoo – the point isn’t to build up a big lather, just break the oil/water resistance – then rinse. Shampoo again with same amount and lather up very nicely, rinse again. Lastly, apply conditioner only to the ends. The most important bit is the rinsing. For short to medium length hair: 1 minute after the 1st shampoo, 2 minutes after the second shampoo and three minutes after the conditioner. For longer hair – longer time. My hair looks amazing now.”

Preeti Seth: “Lemon and green tea rinse. And don’t forget to use an ion-emitting brush.”

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