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Cold Cuts

Swiss Butchery

What exactly is a “cold cut”?

Cold cuts are cooked, chilled meats or sausages that can be sliced for sandwiches or platters. Cured and air-dried items are also referred to as cold cuts, though the production process is different – they are salted and left to dry for as long as 18 months. This drying time removes the water, thereby denying bacteria the chance to develop, so the meat is safe to eat.

What are some of your popular cold cuts?

Our homemade salami is becoming very popular, particularly the German White and Hungarian Salami. Best-selling items are still our cooked, smoked and baked ham. One of our unique items is the Black Pepper Snacker. It’s similar to salami and can be eaten cold – ideal for lunch boxes and picnics. Another favourite is our Swiss-style smoked raw bacon.

Any special tips for handling cold cuts?

Refrigerate cold cuts immediately after shopping. Even when they’re in the fridge they can spoil quickly if placed in the wrong area. Sausage products should be stored in the lowest part of the fridge where it is coldest – zero to four degrees Celsius is best. Keep them in a tightly closed container or wrapped in butcher’s paper. And don’t mix cold cuts with salami or cured hams. These products have different shelf lives: three days for cold cuts and six days for the others.


Did You Know ?

“Rechtub klat” is the name of a secret language used by some butchers in Australia to hide details of their conversations from customers. The trick is to speak words backwards (beef is feeb, pork is krop, and so on). Butchers in parts of France are said to use a similar language known as louchébem.