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Before and after: See EL Executive Editor’s professional hair makeover

By: Verne Maree; Photographs by Michael Bernabe

There are plenty of reasons to go for a professional hair makeover at Hairdreams – from severe hair loss caused by stress, illness, chemotherapy or unfortunate genes, to the simple desire for thicker, healthier-looking locks. I fall squarely into the latter category.

The salon, just off Orchard Road, has me at the first video. It shows the transformation of a depressed middle-aged woman with a few lank strands of dull hair straggling over her pallid scalp, into a vibrant, smiling individual with a thick, shiny, beautiful chestnut mane. She looks 20 years younger and a zillion times happier.



The second video seals the deal. It’s the story of how the main constituent of the Hairdreams product – top quality Caucasian hair in the prime of its life – is sourced, sorted, processed and made available to customers through its salons around the world.

Hollywood loves Hairdreams, sales director Simone Caprari tells me: Lady Gaga is a huge fan and has been known to sport fantastic amounts of the stuff.

“This hair is a very premium product,” he says. “It’s individually selected and hand-sorted, and it’s not dyed or treated with chemicals – instead, it’s colour-blended during the sorting for a totally natural result.”

My Consultation

Depending somewhat on the characteristics of your hair, and on the processes it has recently undergone, you really can choose the style of your dreams, says Simone – “any desired hairstyle in any desired length with any desired volume in any desired hair colour”. Incredible, right?

They use a variety of techniques developed at their R&D division in Austria, which Simone says has been at the cutting edge of the hair creation industry for more than 20 years. For hair lengthening, they use laser beamer nano. For thickening, even in cases of severe hair loss, they have the intelligent hair matrix: a micro-fine net into which each hair is hand-stitched before being undetectably integrated into the client’s own hair. It lasts six to eight months, depending on the hair growth and lifestyle factors.

As I’m happy with the length of my hair and just want a bit more of it, the team recommends for me the fill-up technique, best described as the discreet bonding of fine strips of carefully matched additional hair on to your own hair, near the scalp. It lasts from four to five months, with four-to-six-weekly maintenance visits to gently remove the strips of hair and re-attach them closer to the scalp as your own hair grows. Once they’ve had their day, they’re gently soaked off with the same solution.

I’m reassured that there’ll be no damage to my hair. “Our main concern is that the condition of your own hair stays the same,” says Simone.


The Makeover

It’s 3pm, I’m bang on time and the team swings into action. Though I’ve come straight from having my usual colour done at another salon, (famous) Amos gives my hair another squeaky-clean wash with a shampoo designed to remove any residue, and styles it straight.

Hair-creation stylist Catherine – herself sporting an impressive mane of long, wavy black Hairdreams hair – comes in with a pile of packets of the hair fill-ups that were matched to my hair earlier. I’m steeled for a long session, but thanks to Catherine’s expertise, the process of attaching the strips of hair to my roots takes less than 30 minutes. What’s more, it’s a comfortable and easy experience – for me, anyway.

Wow! I’ve never had so much hair, and it looks just like my own. And after some amazing curls have been effortlessly tonged in – something I really should learn to do myself – here’s the result.

My homecare pack consists of a shampoo, a nourisher and a shine spray, plus a hairbrush that I’m told to use every day. (Yes, Mum.)

The Million-Dollar Question

For this service, for me, the cost is $2,500. And each monthly “à la carte” maintenance visit – to remove and reattach the hair swatches closer to the scalp, plus any colour touch-ups and so on – costs $180. Had I gone for a brilliant auburn Lady Godiva style down to my bum, though, that would doubtlessly have cost much more.


Hairdreams Singapore

51 Cuppage Road

6589 8653


This story first appeared in LIV’s August 2015 issue.