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What’s in Store for 2011


Clarice Georgia Victoria Chan

CGVC Living Inspirations

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I have known Clarice Georgia Victoria Chan for many years and, for the last five of those, she has given the Expat Living office an annual feng shui makeover according to the relevant energies and elements of the coming twelve months.

These changing elements often mean that what worked for you last year may not work for you this year, so it’s important to adjust your work strategies and even the office layout accordingly.

To mention one specific example: try to avoid having any “arrows” pointing at a staff member. One year, a member of the Expat Living staff who had been sitting under a beam (we had moved her there off our own bat) kept having the most awful luck. Clarice saw this and said, “Whoever is sitting there must be having some issues.” We moved the person to a different position and her life got back on track.

I’m not particularly superstitious, but I do believe in energies and energy flows. I think we all need to use whatever tools are available to help us in life. I’m sure it’s a result of a combination of things, but even in the recession year we still managed to do well.

Since 2007, Clarice has written an annual Your Fortune book; her new one Your Fortune in 2011 is now on sale. Last year she correctly predicted certain conflicts and even natural disasters and, while it was a good year financially, it wasn’t – as far as I’m concerned – an easy year. 2011, says Clarice, is a year to move forward slowly and to consolidate.

In the book, you can also see how the Year of the Yin Metal Rabbit (sounds a bit Wallace & Gromit!) will affect your business and personal life, learn how to locate your Flower of Romance, discover the auspicious dates for starting a new business, and find out how to consider what’s important when you are moving into a new home.

Your Fortune in 2011 also includes a monthly personal horoscope according to your Chinese zodiac that pinpoints what may be working against you or for you. There’s also a range of New Year traditions that should be observed to protect or clear energies.

Clarice is based in Chinatown and is available for feng shui and Chinese astrology consultations. Look out for her annual overview based on your zodiac sign in our February issue. Your Fortune in 2011 is available in the magazine section of all bookstores and newsstands.