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Tanglin Trust School alumni talk about their school days

By: Katie Roberts

The benefits of an international school education in Singapore are clear, regardless of whether your children attend for just a few years in junior school, or stay on to graduate. Past pupil, Francesca McKee, talks about her experience at Tanglin Trust and what she’s been up to since.

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School Days
“I have incredibly fond memories of Tanglin; it shaped who I am today. I particularly enjoyed the way they brought history to life through themed days: writing on chalkboards like the Victorians, and drafting epic poems like the Greeks. The variety and creativity of these activities impresses me to this day, and was often down to the talented teachers.

“The highlight of the school year was the annual trip overseas to somewhere in Southeast Asia or Australia. Staying with an indigenous tribe in a longhouse in Sarawak, Malaysia, was a unique experience.

“Tanglin helped to instil characteristics in me and others that I believe have contributed to our success: firstly, creativity – because interesting and creative teachers help push students to think outside the box and reach for new ideas and solutions; this trait is rare and desirable in the world of work; secondly, encouraging students to achieve their goals and dreams, whether they be in academia, sport or drama. Tanglin is a global school for globally aspiring students.

“In terms of alumni engagement, I attended a successful event in London while I was at university and have since endeavoured to be involved whenever I can. Some of my Tanglin school friends attended my wedding in Rome last year, and of course Facebook is very useful for reaching out to old friends.”

University Life
“I studied Economics and International Development at the University of Bath and graduated in 2011. Choosing Economics was based on a combination of my strengths (maths, English and geography); but the international development side was a fulfilment of my desire to help the needy to do better, and to make a difference.”

Career Moves
“Currently I work at the British High Commission in Singapore as an economic adviser. In this role I advise on and analyse issues relating to Singapore’s economy, work with the Singapore government on economic and trade policy issues (on behalf of the UK government) and advise UK companies on the business environment here.

“It’s essentially what I dreamed of doing when I left school: meeting and working with interesting people from around the world, and discussing global economic issues with them. I feel very lucky to be supporting and promoting the UK (it’s my home country – where my parents now live) to Singapore (my second home) and fostering stronger ties between the two.’

Ten Years’ Time
“I hope to be working in a similar field on economic and global issues, perhaps heading up a team in an international agency or research firm. But my core dream remains the same: to travel, and to work with interesting people.”

Tanglin School was founded as a primary school in 1925 and expanded into Senior School education in 1996. In 2003 the first A-level cohort graduated, while the first International Baccalaureate cohort graduated in 2011. The Friends of Tanglin and Alumni community numbers almost 10,000, and any student who attended Tanglin or one of its predecessor schools for at least one term is welcome to register.

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