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Personalised, bespoke jewellery in Singapore

If you’re on the hunt for a good necklace or ring customised down to the very tee, right to your exact preferences, this list will come in handy. From engagement rings to bespoke necklaces, personalised jewellery can jazz up a simple LBD or add a personal touch to a gift for that special someone. Not into the whole “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” saying? We’ve got you covered with gemstones that are equally beautiful too!

Facets Singapore | Inspired by you

Founded in 1980, Facets Singapore is a diamond wholesaler that offers bespoke services for bridal and estate pieces. Snazzy technology comes into play when you get to see a 3D-printed wax model of the ring before it’s sent to crafting! We sit down with Business Development Manager and GIA Graduate Nikhil Hathiramani for a chat.

What is your most memorable project so far?
“We had a customer in the UK who contacted us for a custom engagement ring through a friend’s recommendation. We communicated via email and on a business trip here he picked up the piece for the first time. After the proposal, he found out the size was too big; an honest mistake on his part! We are committed to resizing for free but not having access to the ring was a challenge. Thankfully our founder Suresh was travelling to the UK so they met in a small café in London and Suresh collected the ring. He then brought the ring back and we had it resized accurately before returning it to the customer just in time for their wedding.”

What’s your business vision?
“Facets strives to push the boundaries of what it means to be a diamond wholesaler in today’s competitive marketplace.”

545 Orchard Road
Far East Shopping Centre #11-05
6235 1724 | facetsingapore.com

Gifts Less Ordinary | Unique, personalised, beautiful


Gifts Less Ordinary Personalised Bracelet
Gifts Less Ordinary Personalised Bracelet

Launched in October last year, online bespoke jewellery store Gifts Less Ordinary has now expanded to Japan, Australia and the U.S. Gift idea: personalise the ring, bracelet or necklace of choice with a hand-engraved message or date! We sit down and have a word with founder Amy Read.

What is your most memorable project so far?
“A young man was looking for a ring to propose to his girlfriend. We helped him select a rose gem spinning ring engraved with ‘Together forever’ and the date they first met. This was gifted inside a leather ring box with the message ‘Will you marry me’ embossed outside.”

What’s your business vision?
“We take the hard work out of gifting. Buying thoughtful and bespoke gifts for a friend or a loved one should be a pleasure, not a chore. There is nothing more precious than seeing someone’s face light up with pure joy when they receive a gift that is not only beautiful, but also well thought out.”


Choo Yilin | Modern-day heirlooms


Choo Yilin Bespoke Ring
Choo Yilin Bespoke Ring

Founder Choo Yilin has worked closely with marginalised communities and underprivileged women in Bangkok. The brand identity revolves around the values of telling important stories of Asian heritage, conservation and love. This business takes pride in creating ‘design-from-scratch’ bespoke jewellery without the using of any pre-existing template. The process is typically takes at least four months, with several meetings with the designer to anchor down the personality and story, which are weaved into the design and aesthetic of the jewellery piece. Here’s what Deanna and Yilin from Choo Yilin have to say.

What is your most memorable project so far?
“They are all extremely memorable because these pieces are all so distinctly different and significant in their own way. Our clients come to us with some of the most beautiful love stories and we’re just thankful that we get to play a part in immortalising their journey.”

What’s your business vision?
“We want to be the first global luxury jewellery brand that pays homage to our South-East Asian heritage.”

Mandarin Gallery #02-23
333A Orchard Road
6733 1131 | chooyilin.com


JANNPAUL | Handcrafted to perfection

Bespoke ring from JANNPAUL
Bespoke ring from JANNPAUL

For a customised experience like no other, check out JANNPAUL, where you’ll get to see realistic 3D renders of your customised ring. Think full bespoke service, where you can choose your material, design, and dimensions of your ring, then see it on a finger in your size. The handcrafting of a ring takes around four to eight weeks. We have a chat with Casey Lai, co-founder of JANNPAUL.

What is your most memorable project so far?

‘The project that we had the most fun with was a customised Game of Thrones ring we made for a client. Being a fan of the series, we researched on the show before designing the ring. We designed for it to look like the crown in the show, but made it comfortable for wearing.”

What’s your business vision?
“JANNPAUL was founded to offer consumers high performing diamonds and ring customisation services at competitive prices. We intend to provide the best jewellery shopping experience from beginning to end, with our transparent services and customisation technology.”

545 Orchard Road
Far East Shopping Centre
6733 2925 | jannpaul.com

CW Jewels | Fun, personal, original


bespoke jewellery
CW Jewels sapphire bracelet

Headed by Caroline Wihono, CW Jewels has been around since 2010. Known for their bespoke fine jewels, this business aims to be a one-stop for all your jewellery needs, from design to crafting to stone sourcing. The first appointment starts with a design brief, which includes questions like what, why and who the piece is for. Designs are selected using computer aided drafting, and then you can make changes to it. We have a chat with founder and creative conceptor Caroline Wihono.

What is your most memorable project so far?
“While every project is unique, recently we received a cool one trace the voice wave of a couple and make it into a ring. It is a challenge but a good challenge for us to strive for better designs.”

What’s your business vision?
“Mr Wihono, my dad, always says that the pieces we craft are not limited edition but there is only one piece of each in the world. We strive for originality and for each piece to reflect the personality of our clients.”

One Commonwealth
1 Commonwealth lane #09-09
6570 5773 | cwjewels.com


Carrie K. Jewellery | Meaningful artisan-crafted jewellery

pebble ring from CW Jewels
Rebecca’s pebble ring from Carrie. K Jewellery

Founded by Carolyn Kan, Carrie K. is the marriage of playful provocative design that tells stories through each artisan-crafted jewellery. Every bespoke jewellery piece is handcrafted from scratch and hence it takes about 6 weeks in total. At the end of the process, you get to bring home a personalised bespoke card that documents the story behind the bespoke jewellery design, and the key sketches too! We sit down and talk to founder Carolyn Kan.

What is your most memorable project so far?
“One of the most memorable and challenging projects was the brief that resulted in our client Rebecca’s ring. Rebecca and her husband were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and they wanted us to redesign a ring that told their story, incorporating the diamonds as well as the different materials from Rebecca’s wedding and engagement ring.”

What’s your business vision?
“Life has become too serious. We’re here to sprinkle a little playful magic and create beautiful stories to remind us of the important things in life.”

111 Middle Road
#02-03 National Design Centre
6352 2559 | carriekrocks.com

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