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PE in Singapore: The Australian International School becomes the first to offer an advanced Athlete Development Programme

Over the last year, there’s been a wave of global sporting events hitting the island – from tennis championships to diving tournaments – so it seems apt that a world-class Athlete Development Programme has been launched at an International School in Singapore.

AIS's rugby teams are all-stars!


The Australian International School is the first International School in Singapore to kick off the advanced physical education course, supporting the development of talented sports students. Even if your child isn’t focused on becoming the next Olympic champion, the principles taught in AIS’s Athlete Development Programme, including strength, conditioning, fitness, nutrition and psychology, offer far reaching benefits. Aerobic fitness, as an example, has been linked to significantly higher academic scores through a large-scale study of school children in Nebraska, USA. So not only does competitive sport build positive characteristics such as perseverance and good self-esteem, it also supports improved academic performance.

There's a huge variety of sports programmes on offer at AIS


How will AIS’s Athlete Development Programme work? 
– The Athlete Development Programme at AIS uses the Long-Term Athlete Development Model (popularised by Balyi and Hamilton, 2004) to develop excellence. It’s also used by elite sports schools in Australia, UK and at the Singapore Sports School. More information on the research base used to develop the programme can be found here.
 ADP will promote athletic excellence by focusing primarily on strength, conditioning and recovery. The student will also engage with Sports Science theory on nutrition, psychology, injury prevention and training.
– Students will be selected for the programme following a balanced assessment of commitment, work ethic, athletic performance and fitness testing.
– The programme will be delivered to selected students during school hours as well as specialised sessions before and/or after school, and will offer the opportunity to participate in dedicated training sessions with ADP guest coaches/presenters.
The Athlete Development Programme will enhance the Representative Sporting Programme for selected students, offering the chance to develop core physical and mental skills required for top-tier athletic performance.

Tennis champ Nick Kyrgios enjoyed a quick game at AIS


As well as providing opportunities for physical and psychological development, enrolling your child at the Australian International School will give them the chance to become part of very strong competitive sports teams. For example, AIS recently won the inaugural DeBrincat Rugby Cup and were champions of the 2014 Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) league. AIS also won the 2014 ACSIS league across netball and basketball (under 11s).

Not only is AIS focused on competitive success, but its philosophy is committed to developing opportunities for all students that hope to join a competitive sports team – running training squads alongside competitive teams for all that wish to participate. Sport is critical at AIS, not only because it helps establish a lifelong interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but – as a study in Michigan State University pointed out – students develop strong bonds with their teammates, which plays an integral role in teaching young people how to communicate.



Finally, let’s give the last word to Justin Teves, Head of Sports at AIS. He says: “Our aim is to provide our students with opportunities to achieve and excel on the sporting field. For some of our students, this may mean just being selected to the team and for others it may mean winning gold medals. Staff at AIS work to instill in our students that the development of character, integrity and sense of team is every bit as important as the development of skills and fitness. Our students, staff and parents work together to build a sense of community and an environment where our students have a strong sense of school pride, feel supported and are given the chance to achieve.”

To find out more about AIS and the Athlete Development Programme, make an enquiry here. To discover more about the Australian International School in Singapore in general, head here.

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