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Kindergarten and preschool review: Choosing good international schools in Singapore

Choosing a kindergarten in Singapore can be quite overwhelming – there are so many choices! When you first arrive you’ll probably be keen to settle the children into a routine as quickly as possible, and finding the right preschool can help. Or, maybe you’re looking to change schools because your initial choice doesn’t feel right. We talk to avid Expat Living reader, Fernanda Sirota, about her experience.


What made you choose Swallows and Amazons Kindergarten & Enrichment Centre over other preschools in Singapore?

At the time, our second child had already done one year in an established preschool, on top of our 3.5 years of experience at the same school with our first child. During those years, there were experiences we neither liked nor agreed upon. That was when we decided to make a change.

We visited eight different childcare centres in our neighbourhood and work vicinity, but it was S and A that we fell in love with. The preschool addressed our main concerns from the day we first visited it. It offered a nice outdoor area for kids to play with scooters, tricycles, and other toys. There are fewer staff compared to other centres, so you can expect your child to have the same teacher for a full academic year – this is not a reality at many centres here. Even on this first visit, our little ones were dancing and playing with the teachers and, on our way out, another group wearing aprons was spray-painting against a board and having the time of their lives.

How do Swallows and Amazons get the best out of your daughter?

The children are treated with all the love and respect they deserve. They are treated individually and their pace of development is respected. No child is over-pushed or left behind. The teachers know how to challenge the children according to their age and their needs. They let them play and teach what needs to be taught. We often hear from preschools that children learn through play, but at S and A they really do. They are free to express themselves however they choose, so they can discover their true creativity and potential. Everyday my child arrives home ‘dirty’ and I love it. I know she has had a happy day.

How do Swallows and Amazons make your family feel when you go there?

It is the extension of our home – and the place where our youngest child spends most of her time besides home. Everybody knows everyone and is very friendly and ready to help. I’ll never forget the day our daughter’s teacher drove to one of her classmates’ home to get her swimming goggles that had been accidentally swapped. The school was closed on the following day and we needed it for Sunday. I can’t imagine this happening elsewhere.

What would be your top three reasons for recommending Swallows and Amazons to a friend?

#1 Children are allowed to be children. They respect your child’s individuality and their differences.
#2 Teachers and staff are fantastic and you can pretty much rely on a stable team. They go the extra mile for your child in every possible way.
#3 The curriculum, way of teaching and class size allow for many different and interesting experiences and new impressions for your child every day.




What extra curricular activities do you children enjoy through Swallows and Amazons?

S and A provides many options for extra-curricular activities and this is facilitated by their location in Turf City; they can learn how to swim at AquaDucks, play soccer and do many other things. Our daughter loves Bubbles Gym! These are great options for busy/working parents.

What does your daughter most enjoy about the school?

Her spontaneous answer was “making a didgeridoo”! We laughed because they have just made one out of recycling rolls – so, she obviously loves arts and crafts. She also said “dress-up!” and water play and vehicles (cars, tricycles) were also mentioned. She enjoys her friends and teachers too.

Why not see for yourself and arrange a visit to the school?

Swallows and Amazons Kindergarten & Enrichment Centre, Turf City Shopping Mall, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994, 6762 8158