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Guide to international schools in Singapore

Finding the right school for your children can be a difficult process, so here are some recommendations to get you started.

Australian International School
1 Lorong Chuan
+65 6883 5155

“When we found out we were moving from Melbourne to Singapore last year, the stability of schooling for our children – and their integration into a new school – was our top priority.

The children are enjoying mixing with kids from all over the world. Jemima said travelling to Kim Bang Orphanage in Vietnam was a life-changing experience for her. Jacob said his field trip to the Tioman Islands with a group of marine biologists was “awesome”, and the two younger ones love sport!

The staff were instrumental in our decision about our children’s education and they had a significant impact on making their transition to their new school a happy and successful one.”
Rachael Cox, Australia
Rachael’s four children, Jemima (13), Jacob (12), Remy (8) and Orlando (5), attend the Australian International School (AIS).

Avondale Grammar School
Phoenix Park

318 Tanglin Road

+65 6258 8544 


“This is the first time we’ve lived overseas, so it’s the first time our boys have attended an international school. The small school environment has been excellent for their academic development, for making them feel at home and helping them to forge friendships.

Avondale’s focus on public speaking and performing has been the best thing for my boys. I believe that when they go back to public schools in America, they will be way ahead of other kids their age, not only in education but also in their ability to perform in front of large audiences.”
Teresa Coombs, US
Both of Teresa’s two sons, Joseph (12) and Joshua (8), attend Avondale Grammar School.

Dover Court Preparatory School
Dover Road

+65 6775 7664


“We loved the fact that Dover offers a few small-group placement classes alongside its mainstream classes. This was exactly the support Lily needed to maximise her academic progress.

Dover Court has the intimacy of a small school but the spacious grounds of a much larger school. Likewise, Dover’s arts programme has the ambitions of a much larger school, but the opportunities for involvement that come with a smaller school. Lily loves participating in the annual musical theatre production.

“I don’t hesitate to recommend Dover to other parents who prefer the British curriculum but want the advantages of a smaller school.”
Laurel Crawford, Australia
Laurel’s oldest daughter, Lily (11), is into her fifth year at Dover Court.

Excelsior International School
202 Ulu Pandan Road

+65 6536 6566

“This is a very active and vibrant school, where our two sons have flourished. They have become inquiring and active in all school activities.

The school has such a wide variety of cultures and nationalities that they have become very knowledgeable in integrating and learning from them. They appreciate that cultural differences show how people can work together regardless of different backgrounds.

All the staff members and other families have been kind and very supportive. Apart from the staff being helpful, families are encouraged to help in the school by volunteering in the parent support group.”
Barbara von Landau, UK
Barbara’s two sons, Christopher (7) and Joshua (6), are enjoying their second year of school at Excelsior International.

German European School Singapore
72 Bukit Tinggi Road

+65 6469 1131

“When we moved here from the US, it was hard for our children to adapt, because most of the students at this school had been there for most of their academic lives. Now, after a couple of months, they both enjoy going to GESS.

At GESS, the staff was friendly and enthusiastic towards our children. The small classroom sizes also attracted us because of the extra attention and care our children would receive. They also offered Dutch lessons and, starting next school year, they even have Dutch as an integrated subject in the IB programme. For us it is important that our children keep up with their mother tongue!
Inge Bos, The Netherlands
Both Adriaan (18) and Anne (16) study at the German European School Singapore (GESS).

International Community School
27A Jubilee Road

+65 6776 7435


“Back in New Zealand, Brooke attended two schools, a Christian primary school and a private secondary school, while Luke and Celine have only attended a Christian primary school.

We found ICS through expat-related websites before ringing and emailing the school administration. The Christian character of the school was particularly important for us, as students are able to share their faith with other kids in school. The small size of the classes and the community feel of the school helped the children settle in easily. There are children from many different ethnic backgrounds and they tend to make friends easily as many move regularly.
Marianne Bos, New Zealand
The three Bos children, Brooke (14), Celine (11) and Luke (8), have all been attending the
International Community School (ICS) for the past two years.

International School Singapore
25 Paterson Road

+65 6235 5844


“Settling in at ISS was very easy for all our children. The classes are small, race and colour don’t matter and there aren’t any cliques. The children are respectful, accepting and very helpful. We credit the school’s staff for fostering this attitude among a great bunch of kids.

We chose ISS for several reasons. First, ISS is a small school and during our first visit we noticed that the teachers and children had great rapport. We also loved the IB programme and ISS is recognised as one of the best. Although academically challenging – more so than the American system we had become accustomed to – the programmes offered at ISS teach kids life skills and helps them become well-rounded.
Cary Pearson, US
The Pearsons have four daughters, Sidney (16), Zoie (14), Madison (14) and Alexis (11), who attend the International School Singapore (ISS).

One World International School
696 Upper Changi Road East

+65 6542 2285


“Prior to joining OWIS, our small village school in the UK was the only experience the boys had had of school life. For us, the size of the school was important, along with the location. We wanted one that was a similar in size to their school in the UK. We were also keen to place the boys in a school that followed the IB programme.

Before we arrived, we didn’t have any contacts in Singapore, so we lacked personal recommendations. We were fortunate that when viewing a condo, an English family recommended OWIS.

Being at a small school has helped the boys settle in quickly, along with having only a short commute. Looking back, we really did not have to ‘sell’ their new school to them and if we had to do this over again we’d use OWIS as the template.
Alison Mellor, UK
Alison’s twin boys, Kieran and Harry (9), have been attending One World International School (OWIS) since May 2009.

Stamford American International School
11 Lorong Chuan

+65 6602 7247


“Before we chose SAIS, we were already living in Singapore, so our biggest resource was people; talking to other parents, knowing what we wanted for our children’s education and then finding the school that best fit those needs. Stamford was it for us. 

The school really feels like a family; all the staff and students know each other by name, and the older children look out for and play together with the younger ones.

The IB programme combined with a structured North American curriculum; the inclusive philosophy; and the resources that are available to support all the children are really important to us. The daily Mandarin classes have also made a huge difference in our children’s fluency in only a year.

The boys really enjoy school and activities like playing the ukelele, skating, American football and making things for the school’s art show.”
Laura Byers Day, Canada
Laura’s twins, Jaimie and Connor (10), and their younger brother Graydon (8) all attend Stamford American International School (SAIS).

United World College South East Asia
East Campus at Ang Mo Kio

10 Ang Mo Kio Street 54

+65 6553 1808


“Back home, the boys attended small schools with around 180 students that were within walking distance of our home. This is our first experience of international schools and the expatriate environment.

We discovered, prior to arriving in Singapore, that the availability of places in a school was a prime factor. UWCSEA had just opened applications for its East Campus when we were enquiring, so it had places available.

The multicultural nature of UWCSEA also appealed to us. On this first expat posting, we wanted to make the most of the opportunity for multiculturalism.

Because the school had just opened when our boys started, everyone was new together. It worked extremely well for us, not only for the children to settle quickly but for the parents to meet new people and make friends, too.

The boys love their teachers and the freedom they are given in their research work. They also love how the teachers all have their own way of running their classes, which makes school more interesting.”
Viv Carter, UK
Viv’s two older boys, Thomas (11) and Ben (8), have been attending the United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA) since it opened in September 2008.

Brain Train
91 Tanglin Road

#04-01 Tanglin Place

+65 6738 9319


Brain Train is a multi-disciplinary team of experts in child development and education. Its specialist schooling programme is for children who, for a number of reasons, cannot attend their school of choice in Singapore.

The programme is specifically designed to cater to the needs of children diagnosed with learning difficulties such as dyslexia or Asperger’s syndrome and who have difficulty coping in a mainstream setting.

The course includes literacy, mathematics, science, technology, art and crafts, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy. Touch-typing is also taught as part of the literacy programme.

Designed to be a short to medium term (3 to 36 month) option, the Specialist Schooling Programme provides intensive intervention for students, enabling them to enter an appropriate school setting with greater confidence and competence in basic skills. The programme runs from 8.30am to 12.30pm daily.