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Dentists in Singapore: Looking for dental care for the whole family?

Here at EL, we’re often asked about which dentists are the best for kids, plus which orthodontists are recommended for teens, and even which dental surgeries are suitable for us adults. Because, as we all know, dental needs change as we move through life, from milk teeth as a toddler to the occasional crown as we grow older (and don’t get us started on those awkward adolescent years!).

As you probably know, it can be difficult to manage everyone’s dental needs at any one given time – from your little one’s overbite to the painful wisdom teeth your hubby has been ignoring for months. But what if there was a dental practice/ group out there that could be your family’s dental partner for life?

Looking a clinic that can provide all the dental care you need under one roof? 

Specialist Dental Group (SDG) is one such clinic that sees itself as your one-stop shop for the whole family – whatever the need. They pride themselves in offering a fully-fledged, multi-specialty team of internationally-qualified dentists who can provide comprehensive solutions for every potential patient under one roof.

During a single appointment, a prosthodontist may be attending to you for a crown, while your children are having their teeth polished by a paedodontist and your husband is finally getting those wisdom teeth examined by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Handy, eh?

The whole aim is for SDG to work around your life and schedule, rather than having you race around, fitting in appointments all over the place.

With that said, it’s worth offering just a few examples of the array of treatment options Specialist Dental Group can provide for your family.

You can be sat here for a crown while your teenager is having braces fitted next door 

As we all know, teeth alignment isn’t just an aesthetic issue (although there is that, particularly for awkward teens!), it’s about having a fully functioning, healthy set of teeth. Regular visits from an early age are essential when it comes to detecting problems around both the teeth and the relationship between the upper and lower jaws. But what happens when it’s decided that orthodontic work needs to be done?

Dr May Ling Eide is one of Specialist Dental Group’s dental surgeons with postgraduate training in orthodontics, and can offer a range of treatment options to align teeth. We’re talking metal, ceramic and self-ligating braces, plus she is an Invisalign-accredited dentist. This means that she can offer patients the latest technology in dental alignment, using Invisalign’s sophisticated, transparent aligners that realign the teeth without drawing attention to them.

Braces are common among teens (and adults, too!) 

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, emerge during early adulthood and can often become impacted. This means that the tooth is fully or partially buried under the gum line and can create food traps (hello, bacteria!), toothache and infections. SDG’s wisdom teeth team includes seven internationally-qualified dentists, who can provide comprehensive examinations and panoramic dental radiographs to confirm the number of wisdom teeth in a person’s mouth and indicate whether any of these teeth are buried or unerupted. If it is decided to remove a problematic wisdom tooth, Dr Ho Kok Sen is one of Specialist Dental Group’s surgeons who can perform this procedure. 

Periodontics is the snazzy branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of gum diseases and the other structures around the teeth and jaw. Gum disease is often painless and it requires a periodontist to recognize the symptoms. If gum diseases aren’t treated, it often leads to tooth loss, damage to the supporting bone and significant dental work. SDG’s periodontics team comprises of three internationally-trained specialists, who are intensively trained in the areas of soft tissue management. This includes gum treatment and surgery, both of which they perform on a regular basis.

SDG have clinics at Mount Elizabeth Orchard and Gleneagles Medical Centre 

So there you have it! Just a few examples of the specialist dental care that SDG can offer to families here in Singapore. To find out more about the above, plus to find an expert across anything from chipped teeth and staining to jaw ache and dry mouth, head to their website. Or simply stop by their clinics at 08-03/08/10 Mount Elizabeth Orchard, or 10-07 Gleneagles Medical Centre (9am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm Saturday).