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10 quirky places to take out-of-town visitors

By: Michelle Pluess

Keen to show your guests Singapore? Here’s 10 ideas that you can shape into your own personal guided tour!

A must-visit location is definitely Orchard Rd, but no-one wants to walk around for hours in the heat. When your guests tire of shopping take them up to ION SKY, which is 56 levels above Orchard and show them a stunning 360 degrees view of Singapore.
2 Orchard Turn | +65 6238 8228

singapore wet market, tekka centre

2. Wet market
If you want to give your guests a culture shock, take them to the local wet market! Here, they can see how the locals really shop for fresh food, and possibly experience and taste some new foods they have never seen before. Filled with little stalls and amazing food variety, this is a perfect morning excursion. Find markets all over the island, including Holland Road, Empress Market, Tiong Bahru, Whampoa Drive and Tekka Centre.

3. Arab Street
Another very cultural place steeped in history is Arab Street. Most well known for its Persian carpet stores, your visitors will easily spend a few hours strolling in and out of stores, purchasing everything from carpets to perfume bottles to table cloths. Just be careful of the vendors, start a conversation with them and before you know it they are trying to sell you a thousand things!

roti prata, singapore food

4. Din Tai Fung
Everyone is obsessed with Din Tai Fung, and we know your guests will be too after just one bite. The Michelin-star awarded restaurant dates back to Taiwan 40 years ago, and first opened an outlet in Singapore in 2003 at Paragon. Mostly famous for their steamed pork dumplings, everyone has a favorite and you will never get bored with the menu.

5. Fish Spas
Located all around the island and oh-so affordable, Fish Spas are a fun and very unique way to get smooth skin. Putting your feet and hands in a fish tank filled with a the fish species known as Doctor Fish may sound a little weird at first, but once you get used to the ticklish feeling, you will never want to stop.

Bugis Street, Singapore

6. Bugis Street Market
Who doesn’t want a good bargain? For great prices and an experience to remember head to Bugis Street Market. Known for its cheap prices, you can find everything from t-shirts, handbags and shoes, even a manicure!
3 New Bugis Street

7. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
This isn’t just your normal Buddhist temple, no, this temple allegedly holds the left canine tooth of Buddha, formerly known as Siddhartha Gautama. Not only that, visitors can check out the opulent interior of the temple. If you feel like it, you can even make a small donatiion.
288 South Bridge Rd

hawker centres, singapore

8. Hawker Centre
Want to treat your guests to some local food? Off to the Hawker Centre! Here, you can try authentic local delicacies at a very reasonable price. No one should leave Singapore without trying chicken rice or a steaming bowl of spicy laksa at least once. They are hundreds of food courts (another name for hawker centre) around Singapore, some bigger and more authentic than others, so it’s completely your choice where you go.

The G-Max Reverse Bungee at Clarke Quay 

9. G Max Reverse Bungee
Something for the more adventurous guests, G-Max Reverse Bungy and G-Max Extreme Swing will definitely be the list of thrill-seekers. With over one million riders and no accidents, it is also safe, so no worries. The G-Max will hurl you sixty metres into the air, at a speed of maximum 100km/h. If that doesn’t make your stomach go a little funny, who knows what will?

10. Mr. Prata
Another restaurant, Mr. Prata is one of the most popular shops to try Indian favourite roti pratas and other delicious foods. Open 24 hours, it has a great atmosphere and the food arrives at your table in minutes. Personal favorites are the mango lassi and the cheese prata, both very affordable and absolutely delicious.
26 Evans Rd #01-02

Looking for more things to do in Singapore? You’re in luck there’s heaps on.