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Tried and tested: Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream

This month, our reader panel put Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream to the test. Read on for their verdict!

kiehls moisturiser
Made with Korean Red Ginseng and Manuka honey

Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream: The claims

The formula refines and smooths your complexion. Korean Red Ginseng Root speeds up cell turnover, giving you a healthier glow. Manuka Honey from New Zealand strengthens your skin’s barrier and smooths over fine lines.

Our readers say…

“I have combination skin, which veers on the dry side. I liked the look of the packaging, although for a face moisturiser I personally prefer a pump. The scent is pleasant (you can definitely smell the honey!) but a bit on the strong side for my taste. I did find that it smoothed my complexion and made it look a bit brighter, but in the first few days I did have a small breakout on my skin; it disappeared after a few more days, though, and my skin has had a firmer texture since. (Perhaps it was because I changed products, as I’ve been using the same moisturiser for quite some time!) Overall, I found the texture a little thick for a facial moisturiser, as it takes a while to blend into the skin. I’d definitely recommend it for those with drier skin types.”


“I have combination skin, so I look for light, easily absorbable products that feel soft on my skin upon application. I loved the packaging of this moisturiser, and the fact that the container isn’t too big or heavy to travel with. Plus, it’s plastic, so it won’t break if dropped on the bathroom floor! At first I wasn’t sure about the scent, but it grew on me. I’ve decided it’s warm and comforting. I found that it took a while for the moisturiser to sink into my skin, and initially it felt almost sticky and tacky. After a while, though, it absorbed fully and my skin felt like normal. After just under three weeks, I haven’t noticed any real improvements in fine lines, but I think I’d have to try it for longer to see best results. I’d use it again, especially when travelling to drier climates where I need a heavier dose of hydration. I think this would be great product for people with dry skin types.”


“Having combination skin, my key requirement for a moisturiser is that it doesn’t cause breakouts! I liked the smell of the honey and ginseng, and the formula, which was very moisturising and hurrah – no spots! My skin was hydrated without feeling oily, despite its creamier texture. I’d definitely use it again, as there’s nothing I really disliked. I’ll use it for longer to see if it delivers on its promise of skin renewal and youthful radiance.”



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