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Top 25 phone apps to give you a hand in 2014

By: Jake Riggir

She's not too bad 

1. Tinder
Dating can be tough. Online dating seems like a good solution, but can also be a laborious process. Gentlemen, it’s time you joined the Tinder party. Don’t worry, pretty much everyone is using it, you’re not that weird.


Surprisingly handy, once you get the hang 

2. Shazam
Good song on the radio, but you missed what it’s called? Just Shazam it and you’ll know in a matter of seconds.

3. Pumatrac
Pumatrac is a unique running application for the iPhone with a modern, user-friendly design. The app is designed to motivate athletes (or the ones looking to get healthy for the New Year) to get out the door and discover ways to get the most out of a workout while having fun along the way.

4. Viber
Not brand new, but very convenient. Call people overseas without worrying about how much it’s going to cost.

5. Cocktails Made Easy
When you’re heading up the bar at a party, you want to look like you know what you’re doing. With the Cocktails Made Easy app, you can make over 500 different cocktails with confidence.


Look at all the bright colours!

6. Omnifocus
Imagine how much easier life would be if you had your own personal assistant. Omnifocus keeps track of your appointments and to-do lists and reminds you when things need to be done.

7. Around Me
Out and about and want a better picture of what’s around you? Around Me uses your phone’s GPS to quickly identify useful nearby shops and services, whenever you’re in that time of need.

8. Edmondo Sports Tracker
Endomondo covers a huge range of sports, but this fitness tracker is primarily aimed at runners and cyclists (the majority of us). As well as tracking your own workouts, you can set your own goals, find exercise routes created by other users to follow, connect your heart rate monitor and add a pair of headphones to get audio alerts every mile or kilometre.


Interesting album cover, Lorde.. 

9. Spotify
Discover new music and shuffle play any artist, album or playlist, on any iOS or Android device. Perfect when you don’t know what you want to listen to.

10. BBC News
Most newspapers have their own app, but BBC News remains one of the few news apps that doesn’t make you pay or subscribe to get the best content. The best news coverage you’ll get, all in the palm of your hand.


Put in your wife's bag and see what she does with her day 

11. Moves
Tracks your daily movements. Quite strange, but very addictive and rather interesting.

12. Amazon Mobile
Make drunken purchases even easier with this app. One-click shopping made easy.

13. Substitutions
If you enjoy cooking, you will know that when you need a certain ingredient, it won’t be there. This app suggests 741 alternatives from herbs to alcohol.

14. Mint
With a helpful infographic, tracks spending habits and your income. Very helpful for some of us.


So fast

15. Real Racing 2
Amazing 3D racing game in the palm of your hand. 30 different cars with 14 different locations. 

16. Mixologist
Another drink making app. Features 7900 drink recipes, and has a virtual ‘liquor cabinet’ you can store custom made drinks in.

You'll have all sorts to say when the boring bloke in the office comments about the weather

17. Yahoo Weather
Get forecasts, wind and temperature maps and daily data with photos via Flickr. Won Apple’s 2013 Design Award.

18. Apps Gone Free
An app for apps. Updated daily, lets you know which previously paid for apps have become free.

19. Bump
Transfer files from phone to phone, simply by bumping the devices together. Works from phone to computer too.


Out with Van Persie, in with Suarez 

20. Ultra Fantasy Football
Get your mates together and let the banter begin. See who can be the next Sir Alex Ferguson, and who knows, United might call you up to replace David Moyes. Quite likely at this rate.

21. Soundcloud
Music streaming site favoured by artists to upload new music, right onto your phone. Experience rare mixes too.


Look at the concentration 

22. Gain Fitness
Personal workout programme-builder with more than 350 exercises, across various methods including strength training, callisthenics and yoga. Images and voice commands help with initiative too.

23. Chrome
Allows you to sync web pages, tabs and books across all devices. Chrome for mobile allows you to have access to whatever you need, wherever you are. It’s simple to use too.

24. MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice
Bit of a creepy one, but lets you record phone calls. Can’t think of how it would be useful, but sounds like a lot of fun. Could get some blackmail out of it.


We're pretty sure everyone knows what 'hello' means, mind 

25. Google Translate
When you’re in a foreign country and need a phrase or two, just pull out your phone and use this app to help you. Perfect for us travelling expatriates.