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Suits You: Style tips and inspiration from EX readers

We chat to Samuel Minns, who is partial to a pocket square and vintage loafer, about all things fash-wan.

Samuel Minns, Grey PR 

Samuel Minns
Regional Account Director at Grey PR

// How would you describe your style?
I’d say classic but with a modern touch.

// Has that style evolved naturally over the years? 

I have definitely been through some interesting phases, that’s for sure. But I always wanted to stand out from the crowd, no matter what phase I was in.

// What’s your favourite item of clothing? 

I have a particular weakness when it comes to pocket squares, ties and socks. Accessories bring an outfit alive. There are so many items to choose from that narrowing it down to one would be too difficult. Sorry!

// When did you first become interested in looking good? 

At school. My father was a very elegant man and always gave me pointers on how to make my school uniform look as good as possible. He often asked my mother to make alterations to the uniform to ensure a perfect fit.

// What has been your biggest fashion mistake? 

The ‘baseball cap’ phase. The less said, the better.

// Any timeless classics that you’ve been wearing for years and years? Not a baseball cap I take it?
Er, no. I have a cardigan that has been with me for a long time and is super versatile. Luckily enough I have acquired a few vintage pieces from my family including a pair of 30-year-old Italian handmade loafers that are just beautiful.

// What style of suit?
It has to be Italian/European cut, slim and elegant.

// What styles or colours can help you look slim? 

Navy is my go to choice for chinos and I’m also a big fan of horizontal stripes.

// Controversial. What’s your number one fashion tip for EX readers?
You wear the clothes, the clothes do not wear you. If you have a certain style then stick to it, express yourself and experiment. If you are confident enough to wear a new colour or accessory then it will look good if you believe that it will.

// What do you think of the fashion scene here? 

For me as a Brit, I think the fashion scene is perfect. There are some great tailors, brands and boutique shops to get a variety of attire and even in the heat you can wear a light suit, feel comfortable and look sartorially superior. The Asian influence allows some unique patterns, which add a new dimension to my look, and that’s something I look forward to exploring more.