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Style challenge: How to revamp your balcony or rooftop terrace

With money no object (we wish!) and an army of design and furniture specialists on speed dial, Expat Living staffer Katie put together a wish list and asked the experts to revamp her rooftop terrace.

The rooftop terrace brief: “Our rooftop outdoor area is dual-purpose; we use it as living space (mainly for evening meals) and for hanging out our washing. It is pleasant in the morning for breakfast, but during the day it’s too hot. It’s a nice area for entertaining, and at a push we can accommodate eight to ten adults.

“It would be good to do something with the walls as they are rather drab. The only lighting comes from two fixed bright lights, so we prefer to use candles, which give a softer light. Ideally, we would like to create a comfortable area for chilling out and for family meals in the mornings and evenings, but it has to be functional for drying clothes.


“Our old teak table has seen better days, as have the old drying poles, and some of the plants could go too. I’d say our style is contemporary with an ethnic twist but not too Asian (no Buddha statues, thanks), and having some type of removable flooring and a small daybed would be a dream come true!”

Journey East’s managing director Anita Sam says,

“We’d recommend a larger dining set to maximise the generous area, so there are no worries when it’s time to entertain. The Oko collection by Mamagreen is teak wood paired with high-grade stainless steel that gives it a contemporary edge, but still withstands rain or shine.

“I personally think the three-seater sofa against the wall is a great idea to utilise the dead space there. Besides, one can also lie down on a three-seater sofa to laze away the evening. That being said, the Bogard sun lounger can also double as a seat when the backrest is placed flat.

“Laying down AstroTurf for the flooring would be a great way to help cool the area down during the afternoons, and kids can walk barefoot in the space. A vertical green wall would help liven up the space – this is a non-permanent fixture that can easily be removed.”

So here’s our pick of products that’ll bring your balcony or rooftop terrace bang-up-to-date.

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