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Singapore Street Style: Meet Sarissa Rodriguez-Schwartz

Who said Singapore lacks fashion sense? We took to the streets, camera in hand, ready to snap women who exude individuality and have awesome personal style! Sarissa Rodriguez-Schwartz is the founder & managing director of the SJS Group and her boho-chic vibes caught our eye.


Her story…

I’m from New York and have been living here since 2011. Like quite a few expats I know, I planned to stay for just two years, but am now proud to call Singapore home.


Her style is…

Variable. During the day, you can say I’m “soccer-mom fabulous” (in other words, I’m really just trying to get by and look somewhat presentable!). For meeting or early evenings, I’m more bohemian-casual as I love loose fitting and comfortable clothes. At night, I’d call my style “millennial-chic”: youthful with a touch of glam.


singapore street style sarissa rodriguez-schwartz
Sarissa wears shirt by Rochelle Behrens, pants by Manolo, heels by Louboutin, clutch by Duposh, cuff by House of Sheens and sunglasses by Linda Farrow

Where she shops…

I adore Arab Street and its boutiques, as I always find great items there that aren’t the status quo. I also love NAO, the brainchild of local designer Neha Oberoi, for its Asian aesthetic with vibrant colours and elegant draping; and House of Sheens for its quality evening bags and everyday accessories that are crafted by Southeast Asian artisans.


Her wardrobe must-haves…

My classic diamond hoop earrings, the blessed Buddha bracelet I received on a charity excursion in Cambodia, and, most recently, the nameplate necklace my father bought me when I was 15! I’m so happy they came back into style.


A fun fact…

Before moving to Singapore, I was a handbag designer. My designs were worn on the red carpet at the premiere of Tron, and JoJo the singer wore one to her birthday party.


Her guilty pleasures…

Nothing makes me happier than the chicken parmigiana from Dom & Vinnie’s Pizzeria, down the street from where I grew up, and the cannolis from Artuso & Sons Bakery in New York City. I love watching Bravo TV too, and not being able to watch it in Asia initially caused some withdrawal symptoms.


Favourite places for shopping abroad…

Siren on Mamaroneck Avenue in Westchester, New York City, has the best pieces from all over the world, and I go to them for accessories when I’m home. I also fell in love with a boutique in Santorini called Manolo. Their stock is elegant and boho-chic, which is right up my alley.


“Work with your body type. Don’t force a look if it’s not your authentic self!”


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