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10 best places to buy a shirt in Singapore

Sometimes buying a shirt can be a serious hassle. You either get quality at a high price, or, ahem, crap when paying a low price. These ten places will help you make a good decision as to where the best shirts are to be found in Singapore. As they say – the shirt makes the man.

You probably wont look as good in your shirt as she does
You probably wont look as good in your shirt as she does

10. Cotton On – Very affordable
The Australian store – which has stores in over 12 countries – has a wide-range of different shirts for men, at a very affordable price. There are about 21 Cotton On stores located across Singapore.

9. Topman – Relatively affordable to expensive
With all the latest styles and colours, Topman has every shirt you need. Some more expensive than others, but you still get a wide range of choice and they are reasonably affordable. 11 stores are located across the island.

8. Zalora – Very affordable
The Singaporean online shop has a huge range of the latest fashionable shirts any man would need. You don’t even have to leave the house to purchase these goods.

7. Banana Republic – Relatively affordable
From dress shirts to casual shirts to short-sleeve shirts, Banana Republic has all sorts of stuff that’s suitable for anyone. Stores are located at Marina Bay Sands and Paragon.

6. Zara – Relatively affordable
Zara has all sorts of great quality shirts that aren’t that expensive considering the quality of them. From slim-fitting to whatever fitting you think looks good on you, Zara has it all. There are seven Zara stores in Singapore (with good-looking girls milling about there too).

5. Factorie – Very affordable
The Australian chain has just opened shop in ION, and their shirts are very, very affordable. All the latest trends and they are actually reasonable quality. They also have a whole bunch of other cool clothing, so definitely worth going there for a look.

4. Abercrombie and Fitch – Relatively expensive
Plaid, classic, flannel, and denim. That’s the range of shirts Abercrombie and Fitch has to offer, and not only can you buy your next favourite shirt, but walk away with photo with the models! Or not. On Orchard Road, if you haven’t been past it before.

3. Victor York –  Pricey (great quality)
Founded by Daniel Victor York Morby in 2002, Victor York combines quality fabrics and experience with an extra eye for originality. Though a tad on the pricey side, they provide a quality promise with every shirt made by hand, the finest fabric and lasting quality. Their ’boutique by the river’ is located at Boat Quay, but it is recommended you make an appointment with them via their website before heading there.

2.  Uni Qlo – Very Affordable
A Japanese company (pronounced you-nee-klo), this place provides clothes for all sorts of people with different tastes. With casual and dress shirts, it’s a perfect option for buying affordable shirts you need for any occasion. There are fifteen stores located across Singapore.

1. CYC; The Custom Shop – Pricey (but the best quality)
As their website says: ‘A shirt does make the man, especially a well cut one. No one knows this better than CYC The Custom Shop, Singapore’s oldest and most established custom shirt maker.’ You pay for perfect quality, perfect fitting and basically YOUR custom shirt. Have a shirt made for all sorts of occasions. You know, if you like.

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