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Shoes in Singapore: Five styles you need in life – and where to buy them

By: Jake Riggir

Five styles of shoe to get you through daily life in Singapore.

Red trainers. Cool.

Very much a necessity. For your daily (bi-monthly) jog. Or to get to your local watering hole hastily before final drinks. Queensway Shopping Centre is packed with all sorts of different trainers, suited for whatever you need them for (hopefully a run for once, you lazy bugger).


Flip flops: What more can we say?

Flip Flops
Slippers, thongs (really?), jandals, whatever you want to call them, every man needs a pair of these bad boys. Perfect for that trip to Phuket for the weekend or those lazy, hot, shorts-wearing days. There are Havaianas stores in ION, Plaza Singapura and Raffles City.


Dress shoes are surprisingly useful to have knocking around

Dress Shoe
You’ve been to that many events requiring a smart look, surely this doesn’t have to be a reminder that a dress shoe is imperative to finish off the look. From work, weddings, funerals, and job interviews, a pair of dress shoes are key to looking the part at any of these. Zara has all sorts of dress shoes made for any situation you may need them for.


Vans do a great casual trainers

Casual Sneaker
There is a reason everyone you see either has a pair of Vans or Converse sneakers. They’re casual (and can be smart), they go with almost everything, and they’re comfortable. There are Converse and Vans stores across the island. ION Orchard has both shops in close proximity of each other.


A casual boot takes you from One Direction to The Wanted

Casual Boot
As a result of the hot weather here, it seems that people think they can get away with not wearing boots. You’re wrong. Im not saying they need to be worn every day of the week. However, they do go with pretty much everything and they look exceptional. Again, Zara offers a whole range of different boots, perfect for any occasion.