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Selling your designer clothes in Singapore? Four ladies try out (and fall in love with) StyleTribute.com

We’ve all done something like this (well, most of us!) – splashed out on a DVF dress for a big event, before realising that all of our pals will see it and we probably won’t be able to wear it again. Or neglected boring practical things like food and rent in favour of a thriving Marc Jacobs scarf collection. Or begged an ex to cough up for an expensive Chanel purse, before realising you never really liked it (or him!) anyway. And while we know we’re supposed to keep expensive designer purchases forever, let’s face it, our style and circumstances change and certain pieces start gathering dust in the closet. What’s a girl to do?

Never fear, shopaholics – we know someone who can help you out in spectacular style (come on, this was always leading somewhere handy)! Spring cleaning your wardrobe couldn’t be easier with Singapore’s brand spanking new luxury online platform StyleTribute.com. Stephanie or Camilla from the StyleTribute.com team offer a premium ‘white-glove’ seller’s service, and will pick up your items for free from your chosen location, get them ready for sale and handle the whole transaction process for you once sold.

Want to know more? We got in touch with four of StyleTribute.com’s top sellers to get the low-down on how it works…


‘Previously, I lived in Hong Kong and was using a similar sort of service, so I was happy to hear about this website in Singapore from two different friends. The StyleTribute.com team personally came down to explain the procedures and regulations of the whole selling process. It was a breeze – all I had to do was sign the forms before handing my items over. I sold products almost immediately, for a value of $1200! I love the fact that they have decided to concentrate exclusively on higher-end brands. It makes much more sense than selling everything and anything, and they make all the products look premium online.’


StyleTribute.com’s service seemed impeccable, especially as I don’t have the time to take photos of the items myself or monitor the whole selling process. I had not thought about it before, but I actually had plenty to sell. The girls came to my home and personally collected my goods, and after that I left everything in their capable hands. Selling my items was fast, convenient and fun! The ladies were uber stylish, and they even gave me tips and tricks on how to style my pieces. During the thirty minute experience, I could have been back in Paris discussing about the latest trends with my fashion experts friends!’


‘From the start, I was drawn to the whole philosophy behind StyleTribute.com. Their team were very professional, and they took care of selling my items and the logistics all the way from A to Z. We decided together how they were going to market and take photos of the items and pricing. Overall, the process felt smooth and effortless on my part. It felt very pleasant to have professionals handle my products who understand fashion and high quality.’


StyleTribute.com was the only website in Singapore I came across that sells high quality second hand luxury items at affordable prices, sometimes at an absolute bargain. You can’t just sell anything. Their strict quality control policy ensures that all pieces are stylish, in good condition and, most importantly, authentic. Their took charge of the entire process – from researching and valuing the items to picking them up, photography, and lastly transferring proceeds from the sale straight into my bank account. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking to clean out their wardrobe and make an extra bit of cash in the process!’

How to get in touch and start selling (or buying!)
Website: www.styletribute.com

Facebook: facebook.com/styletribute

Phone number: +65 8198 4514 (Call or Whatsapp)
Sellers’ form: Click here!

StyleTribute'com's Stephanie and Camilla - posing here in a 'fashwan' black and white shot - are here to help