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Kids’ bedroom furniture ideas that grow with your child

From the minute they’re born, children don’t stop growing – just thinking about the amount of clothes, carriers, strollers and shoes they go through is mind-boggling. The same goes for the furniture they need, primarily their beds; so how do you find the best kids’ bedroom furniture that not only suits their growing needs, but also won’t have them growing out of it faster than you can afford to replace it?

One of the owners of Ni-Night, Katie Harris, says that good furniture should always grow with the family, and meet its ever-changing demands and needs. “Furniture, unlike toddler’s shoes, should be able to withstand growth spurts and boisterous play,” she explains. “A quality bed should last your child from its toddler to teen years. Wood rot can be a problem in this humid climate, so MDF products are a big no-no! Instead, look for a solid hardwood.” Ni-Night’s beds are made with hardwood from sustainable resources that are aged and drained of their sap over many years, making the wood very dry and strong. This strength and durability is key when you have to pack up and move within Singapore, or relocate away.

Children’s Bedroom Furniture Style

Choosing a bed that will blend in to any room helps ensure longevity, and a neutral bed that you can play up to meet a trend, or tone down to suit your own taste, is something you’ll find in Ni-Night’s Scandic white designs.

Ni-Night slat bed
The slat bed is made from plantation hardwood and finished in classic white, $825

Katie urges customers to consider purchasing a classic or simple frame that won’t date, and then to use bedding to keep it on trend. “Never scrimp on style, and view your bed frame as the canvas for your great linens and bedding items to be the style accents that will always keep you on trend. In the end, you tend to save money as you don’t find yourself replacing your kiddies’ bed every year. Robust and classic means that you save and look smart.”

Ni Night Scout lines
Dress up a classic bed with cool linens like these from Scout, from $50 and upwards

Keep practicality in mind as well and consider a standard-sized bed so you can always find a replacement mattress, and look at storage options so that you have flexibility as your little one gets older. “Trundles are a great way to store objects within a small space.”

Bunk Beds and Beyond

At Ni-Night there are a number of versatile bedroom options, including bunk beds that can also be dismantled to make two standard singles, or set up as one single with the other remaining flat-packed until you need it. Add in the trundle bed and you have room for three kids.

Ni Night bunk bed
Ni-Night’s hugely versatile bunk bed, which can also be used as single beds, $1,800

Ni-Night’s loft bed gives you play space underneath, then as your child gets older, and the homework gets set, add in a small desk and there’s a study nook. If your little one is too small for the ladder, use it as a bed and add the long bed legs to lift the frame up at a later stage. It’s all about being adaptable, which is key when you have children!

Ni Night loft bed
The loft bed provides space to play for a younger child, and a study area as they get older, $1,250

Stress-Free Furniture Shopping

I think we can all safely admit that shopping with kids in tow can be stressful, so Ni-Night will measure the items you’re considering and help design your room with the selected pieces. Free delivery and assembly of your new bed is part and parcel of the service when you purchase from Ni-Night, and there are also whole room packages offered. Click here to find out more about what products Ni-Night might have for you and your family.

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