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Conquer new heights at this fun climbing spot

Coming up with new and exciting June holiday activities can be a tall order, which means the best place to look is … up! Rock climbing combines fun with fitness and a solid brain workout. Plus, it’s a super cool sport, so it gets bonus points for older kids.

A colourful new climbing theme park out at HomeTeamNS Tampines, Clip ‘n Climb will turn your preconceived ideas about indoor rock climbing on their head. We look at why this action attraction is bound to be one your kid’s favourite things to do this summer.

girl on colourful indoor climbing wall clip n climb hometeamns tampines june holiday activities
Can you scale the Triffid?

One-of-a-kind experience

While there are other indoor climbing walls in Singapore, Clip ‘n Climb really is unique. With its colourful climbing walls, abstract themes and wide range of materials, it’s a stimulating and tactile experience. Developed in New Zealand by an amusement industry guru and a climbing wall designer, it’s a great way to get active. The hybrid combo of theme-park-meets-climbing wall appeals to all age groups and makes for healthy, challenging fun for everyone. (There’s a minimum weight of 10 kg.)

Challenge yourself…

There are 19 different walls to conquer, each with its own theme. All present a unique set of challenges, with difficulty graded for all levels and age groups. Ice climbing may be a pipe dream for some, but you can make it a reality on the ‘ice’ climb, where you’ll use ‘ice picks’ to scale the vertical wall. Teens will love the retro computer-graphic-inspired ‘Aliens’ or battling their way up the ‘Triffid’. Or how about a trip to ‘Spaghetti Junction’ where short trailing ropes add a little extra wobble to your climb.

… and your friends

Face-off has to be one of the most fun challenges. Grab a buddy and race face-to-face up a transparent wall to see who’ll come out on top.

Safety first

While a top priority is, of course, having fun, safety always comes first – especially at eight metres off the ground. All walls are fitted with TruBlue automatic belay systems that use magnetic braking technology to ensure that climbers will always have a safe, controlled descent.

boy climbs colourful indoor climbing wall at clip n climb tampines june holiday activities
Kids and teens will love the cool designs.

Good bang for your buck

Walk-in prices start at $18 for members ($25 for non-members) for a 90-minute session that can be extended for just a few dollars more.

Climbing parties

If you’ve got a party to plan, Clip ‘n Climb is a novel venue for a birthday celebration. Climbing party packages start from $580 for 15 people and can also be combined with another great activity: Laser Quest.

Special June holiday activities

If a regular climbing session just isn’t enough, HomeTeamNS has put together a two-day Laser Quest-Clip ‘n Climb combo of fun June holiday activities. Billed as the “Ultimate Boot Camp”, Rockstar Quest (19-20 June) features icebreaker games and climbing instruction as well as a host of shooting missions and climbing challenges. Email clipnclimb@hometeamns.sg for more details, or to register.


Clip ‘n Climb
HomeTeamNS Tampines | 51 Tampines Ave 4 #03-03 | 529684

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