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What to choose at a Hawker

If you’re new to the game or you happen to hit the lunchtime rush, hawker centres and food courts can be quite intimidating places to eat, especially with kids in tow. What to get? Where to order? How to get a table? And where exactly are the drinks? To prepare yourself, check out this handy list of hawker and food court items that your kids will love.

Hawker Centre

1. Chicken Rice:

Whenever we ask our readers to name their kids’ favourite hawker dish (and their own, for that matter!), chicken rice comes first by a mile. It’s not the most nutritious local dish you’ll come by, but it’s simple and filling, without a lot of ingredients, and great for fussy tummies.

Hawker Food
Chicken Rice

2. Kaya toast and eggs:

A quick and hearty breakfast.

3. Bee Hoon:

Fried vermicelli and vegetables.

Hawker Food
Bee Hoon

4. Popiah:

A thin paper crepe or pancake stuffed with cooked vegetables or meat.

5. Sushi:

Particularly the egg, crab and tuna rolls. Miso soup is a good slurper too!

6. Thosai:

Kids love the epic size of these Indian pancakes.

7. Fried Rice:

Try pineapple-fried rice for added sweetness.

8. Wonton Dumpling Soup:

Children will lap up the bitesized, soupy parcels.

Hawker Food
Another classic – Satay!

9 Cut fruit:

Try watermelon, mango and a range of exotic tropical fruit on a stick.

10 Roti Prata:

Kids adore this flaky flatbread. Order with egg or banana to add a smidge of nutrition (though we all know cheese is best!).

For drinks, try soy milk, calamansi juice or one of the many other fresh juice combinations so readily available here. For dessert, try rainbow-coloured ice kacang, a Malaysian specialty with ice, syrup, jelly, fruit and other mysterious ingredients. The kids will like to play with it if nothing else!

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