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Fresh off the boat: New expat Nolan Bradbury on moving to Singapore

Name: Nolan Bradbury
Age: 40
Nationality: Australian
Job: Photographer



Why Singapore?
My wife Lauren was offered a great opportunity, and I was needing a big shift from what I was doing in Melbourne, so the timing was great and the fit was perfect.

Had you spent much time in Singapore before moving here permanently? 
Three days. You had me at “xiao long bao”.

Where do you live?
We live on Cairnhill Road, which is very convenient to the Orchard Road, Emerald Hill and Newton Circus areas.

Why there?
The building was great, and the proximity to the MRT and Newtown Food Centre and ease of accessing weekend activity made it a perfect spot.

MRT/bus to work, or taxi ten minutes after waking up?
My office is six feet from my bedroom, so I walk. Occasionally I’ll Moonwalk, just to keep things interesting.

Do you get stuck into the local hawker food? 
Most definitely, and have unfortunately developed the waistline to prove it.

What’s your favourite dish?
I’m a wonton-noodle-with-life-threatening-amounts-of-chilli kinda guy.

Said “lah” to anyone yet? 
No lah. (So, yes.)

What’s your favourite place for a night out?
Boat Quay is definitely a favourite, with its variety of food, bars and fun “after-five vibe”. Every once in a while we like to save up to be able to have a few at Ku De Ta – drinking a mortgage payment while taking in that view never gets old.

Favourite supermarket? 
For convenience alone, Paragon Market Place – who doesn’t like paying $14 for zucchini?

Joined any clubs, teams, gyms or societies yet?
Joined a gym, playing indoor cricket once a week and I’m a few months into studying Muay Thai (which is great for fitness and to remind myself just how old I’m getting).

What has been the biggest culture shock about moving to Asia? 
I wouldn’t describe any one thing as “shocking” – other than the level of service at most restaurants – as the lifestyle and community here have made it a relatively straightforward transition.

Kampong Glam, Chinatown or Little India? 

Best thing about living in Singapore?
We used to holiday to get this type of weather, so definitely that.

Where else have you travelled to since you got here? 
We’ve spent more time in the US than anywhere else due to work commitments. I wouldn’t recommend that – it’s a long, long, long way from here. We have made plans to spend more time exploring Singapore and taking short trips to ensure we make the most of our new home base.

What do you miss most about home?
Friends and family, great coffee and actual seasons (the last of which rubs off within 15 minutes of landing in Melbourne).


This story was first published in EX’s April/May 2015 issue.