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Five ways to make the classic wrap dress work for you

The wrap dress, like the little black dress, never goes out of style and it’s easy to see why. Simple, elegant, flattering and versatile, wraparound dresses are a timeless classic, worthy of the wardrobes of generations of women, both past and present.

Diane Von Furstenberg, the doyenne of wrap dresses, brought them to the fashion fore in the 1970s and they haven’t looked back since. Tall, short, full-figured, flat-chested, pear-shaped or stick thin, the wrap dress defines the waist, lifts the bust and creates hourglass curves no matter what your shape or size. And even better, it’s an adjustable fit, so you can continue to wear it even if you put on (or shed) a few kilos.

Singaporean Kristine Peh is an ardent fashionista and the founder of Couturière, Singapore’s only online boutique specialising in tailor made wrap dresses made from ultra-lightweight, creaseless Korean rayon. You can customise every element of the classic wrap dress, romper, top or cheongsam to create your very own unique look, but before you release your inner fashion designer, check out Kristine’s five tips for getting your fabulous self, all wrapped up:

wrap dress singapore, Couturière
The wrap dress takes centre stage at a New York fashion show

1. Feel good, look good
Although the form of the wrap dress is generally very forgiving when it comes to panty lines, lumps and bumps, if you have the odd bulge that you are particularly conscious of, wear some shapewear to ensure a confident and sleek silhouette.

2. Layer up for a different look
Adding a cardigan or jacket over a wrap dress adds an element of interest to your look in moments – plus it’s a stylish necessity in air-con-heavy Singapore.

3. Travel with confidence
Wrap dresses are not just versatile outfits, they travel like a dream. Lightweight and creaseless, you can throw them in your bag and be ready to go as soon as you hit your hotel.

4. Accessorise
Wrap dresses look wonderful with most jewellery. The plunging V-neck means both long and short necklaces work, and bracelets (or cuffs) look especially good on three-quarter-length sleeve dresses.

5. Flatter your form
The beauty of wrap dresses is they look great in both block colours and patterns. Choose a solid colour in a dark shade like navy or black for a slimming effect. When it comes to patterns there are no end of choices. Think geometric, floral or abstract but remember, bigger motifs work well on larger frames, whereas small patterns look best on petite figures.


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