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Five oddest celebrity endorsements

Crazy Celebrity Endorsements, Ozzy Osbourne 

The advertising community is responsible for some pretty amusing couplings. Here’s our pick of the five oddest celebrity-product match ups.

1. 50 Cent and Vitamin Water
If Vitamin Water were advertising a cut-price range then this partnering might begin to make sense. On the one hand you have a man who has been shot so many times he’s more lead than water and, on the other, “enhanced water” which promotes healthy living. Well, even if the mostly sugar “water” might not be as good for you as the packaging says, it certainly improved 50 Cent’s quality of life: the rap star received a 10-per-cent stake in Vitamin Water’s parent company Glaceau for his endorsement, and when that was eventually sold to Coca-Cola in 2007, Forbes estimated 50 Cent’s cut to be $100 million.

2. Paris Hilton and Carls Jr Burgers
Sex. It sells cars; it sells magazines, so why couldn’t it sell burgers? This was clearly the thought process behind sticking a gyrating Paris Hilton in front of the cameras while devouring a burger in such an incredibly offensive way that it ironically makes you not want to eat a Spicy BBQ burger any more than you usually do.

3. Iggy Pop and Swift Cover Car Insurance
Banned because:

A) Iggy Pop does not buy Swift Cover Insurance

B) Musicians are specifically excluded from Swift Cover Insurance

This pairing outlines everything which can go wrong in a badly thought-through ad campaign. No continuity, no connection, and absolutely no idea.

4. Gorbachev and Pizza Hut
In what can only be seen as the greatest victory for capitalism since World War II, Mikhail Gorbachev once featured in an advert for Pizza Hut. Ending in a riotous outbreak of diners chanting “Hail to Gorbachev”, one might be forgiven for thinking it was a re-election campaign catering to the fast-food demographic, but the former soviet leader insisted it was only to provide funds for his not-for-profit foundation. Ten years later, Gorbachev dusted off his acting skills to take part in a Louis Vuitton campaign. Take that communism.

5. Chuck Norris, Ozzy Osbourne, Mr T (& the A Team) and World of Warcraft
If from the get-go more people knew that World of Warcraft’s players included the Captain of the Starship Enterprise, B.A. Baracus and Mila Kunis, millions of kids would not have been teased so mercilessly in the school playground. But now the secret’s out, none need be ashamed to say that they are a WoW player – after all, knowing that Chuck Norris is on board means don’t even think about calling out the next WoW player you see; it might be the last thing you ever say.