August 2021

Step inside a publisher’s vibrant penthouse to find out about his choices and recommendations for living in Singapore and check out our buying guide for creating a comfortable home office, as well as tips on selecting the right art for your space.

Plus, must-try Italian restaurants and wines, reviews of the best anti-frizz and anti-ageing treatments, top tips from trainers and loads more!

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Home & Property Guide

Your guide to furniture, home décor and property. You’ll find inspiring furnishing ideas and expert advice on how to turn your house into a home, plus get tips on property rentals and home services.

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Kids’ Guide

A great resource for every parent and soon-to-be mums and dads! There’s everything from finding an obstetrician and caring for your newborn to fun activities, and choosing the right schools for your child. There’s also lots of useful advice from other parents.

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City Guide

Whether you’ve just arrived or have been here a while, you’ll find loads of handy tips and advice on Singapore neighbourhoods, property, healthcare, education and loads more.

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