November 2021

In this issue, we feature some before-and-afters, including a complete renovation of an amazing old villa in Sri Lanka that’s perfect for a family getaway. Plus, discover the interior designers our readers have used and recommend, and a selection of lamps to help you change the look and feel of any room!

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There’s loads more inside, including our reviews of top cleansers, beauty treatments and some of the best Indian food. Plus, two must-try recipes: tandoori Welsh lamb chops and chocolate cranberry pie!

Other hot topics in this issue:
– Looking younger without going under the knife
– A way to tackle hormonal problems
– Can beauty pageants be empowering?

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City Guide 2021

Whether you’ve just arrived or have been here a while, our guide will help you make the most of living in Singapore. It’s filled with handy tips and advice on neighbourhoods to live in, property, healthcare, education and all the things you need to get started.

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Home & Property Guide

Your guide to furniture, home décor and property. You’ll find inspiring furnishing ideas and expert advice on how to turn your house into a home, plus get tips on property rentals and home services.

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Kids’ Guide

A great resource for every parent and soon-to-be mums and dads! There’s everything from finding an obstetrician and caring for your newborn to fun activities, and choosing the right schools for your child. There’s also lots of useful advice from other parents.

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