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Where to find Chinese Cabinets

Like some of the apartments we have to rent in our expat journeys around the world, traditional Chinese architecture didn’t include built-in wardrobes or cupboards.

During China’s Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), clothes were generally laid flat inside a chest or cabinet, or hung on wooden racks, while longer robes were folded and stacked on shelves.   Different styles of cupboards and cabinets were created to hold all types of household goods. There was variety in colours – plain and painted –emerged and are still replicated. Now, unsurprisingly, these beautiful pieces are often used as signature pieces from bedrooms to bathrooms.

Chinese furniture
Reproduction wedding cabinets in a wide variety of colours: aqua, green & canary yellow. They come with a removable hanging rod, and the shelves inside are removable as well.

One of the most popular of these pieces today is the wedding cabinet, originally the key part of a bride’s dowry. It’s often used as a TV cabinet, bar or shoe rack, or even for holding jewellery and accessories.

Chinese furniture
Tall slim cabinets with spindle doors allows air to circulate. Ideal for shoes or books. The slim size makes it suitable for smaller spaces like lift lobbies and even kitchens.

Pieces like this have become widely used by interior designers to make a statement, not just in Asia but all over the world. And rightly so – each one seems to have its own character; and, while you may want to change your sofa regularly, the novelty of this furniture never seems to wane. Choose a neutral piece – in silver or white, for example – if you want to keep that light look for your space; the natural wood varieties are more masculine, and the red has the wow factor!

Chinese cabinets
An antique wedding cabinet from Zhejiang province. Original colour and brass hardware. It was used as a wardrobe and a must-have in the bedrooms of all newly-weds. The round plate symbolise union and harmony.

Just Anthony has one of the best selections of cabinets in town – both antiques and reproduction pieces – and in all the colours under the sun (well, just about). Not only that, but they’re also reasonably priced.


Just Anthony
379 Upper Paya Lebar Road
6283 4782 | justanthony.com


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