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Children’s furniture: Kit out the kids’ rooms at OriginAsia Kids

OriginAsia Kids
OriginAsia Kids


Turn to the word “clutter” in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of the shops at Turf City (and a picture of my work desk – but that’s another matter).

Merchandise doesn’t spill from the shop-fronts of the old racecourse grandstand off Bukit Timah Road so much as flood. I guess it means a bargain is always within arm’s length. But it’s hardly conducive to a breezy spell of window-shopping.

The newest retail space at Turf City, OriginAsia Kids, stands out as a beacon of order and spaciousness amid the chaos. Glance around the chic 3,000-square-foot showroom and for a minute you’ll think you’re in ION.

Most readers of this magazine will be familiar with OriginAsia’s gallery and showroom on River Valley Road, brimming with traditional Asian and contemporary furniture. The idea for a second store proved a logical progression for the company, based on feedback they received from clients.

“We trialled a range of kids’ furniture at River Valley last year,” explains Rebecca Mo, “and found a strong demand for long-lasting, well-designed furniture for children, including desks, beds and storage items.”

Once the decision was made to open a store specifically to meet this demand, Turf City became an obvious choice of location.

“It’s great because there are so many activities for kids out here, whether they’re participating in sport or art, or just playing.”

Ah, yes: playing. It’s such an innocuous notion, yet we all know how easily the enthusiasm of youth can turn a quiet play session into something approaching contact sport. I wonder if this is why OriginAsia Kids is so well stocked with hardwood items.

“Right,” says Rebecca. “We want to stock furniture that is suitable for a child from an early age yet will take them through to their teens. So, the materials are all solid wood, such as teak, rather than plywood and other less-durable timbers.”

One bonus is that the pieces look like elegant items of home furniture rather than flimsy, foldable or makeshift products.

By the way, there’s much more than just beds, chairs and desks at OriginAsia Kids. The first thing you’ll notice is a rack of party costumes, ballet tutus and swimsuits, and an assortment of cute and sparkly shoes. I doubt there’ll be too many young girls who come into the store without asking Mum or Dad for a pair of gold Anita-brand flip-flops studded with a disco-style mosaic of mirrors. Very cool. Next to the clothes you’ll find miniature handbags, hair beads, scrunchies and brooches.

While the little ones are rummaging through that lot, parents will find plenty of interesting items among the furniture displays, including lamps, photo frames, mirrors and floor mats – and quite a few “50% off” stickers, in case you need further incentive to pay a visit.
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