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Book Reviewers Wanted! Here’s your chance to be featured in Expat Living

Book worms! Book clubbers! Avid readers! We are on the hunt for new books, old books, and generally good reads. If you are keen to share your recommendations, here’s how to get involved:

Option 1: What are you reading?

If you’re reading something at the moment, whether it’s a new book or an old one, and even if you’ve just started it, and you think it might appeal to others, just answer the following brief questions:

a) Your name and nationality:

b) Title and author of the book:

c) Genre: (non-fiction, travel, cookbook, biography, crime, detective, romance, thriller, children’s etc.)

d) How did you get hold of it? (downloaded to Kindle, recommended/lent by a friend, gift, library book etc.)

e) How far have you got? (Finished, half-way through, etc.)

f) What do you think of it (so far)? If finished reading it, would you recommend it?

Send all of your answers to contribute@expatliving.sg


book reviews
What will you be reading this year?

Option 2:  Book Review

Send us a review of a book published during the past year, in the following format:

– Book Title

– Author

– Publisher | number of pages

Your review should be 120 to 300 words. Please send all details to contribute@expatliving.sg

We can’t wait to hear from you! There are other ways to get involved with Expat Living – if you love to write, or are keen to review products and experiences for us, get in touch!