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Tried and tested: You review the Philips VisaPure cleansing brush

Facial cleansing brushes are a current craze in the skincare world. These beauty tools feature vibrating brush heads, and reportedly work to cleanse and exfoliate skin far more effectively than washing by hand or with a washcloth. They can, however, come with a substantial price tag. Are they worth the investment? This month, we chose EL readers with different skin complaints to test-drive one of the newest cleansing devices on the market, the Philips VisaPure.



Being eight months pregnant, changes in hormone levels have not been kind to my skin. Recently, it has started to become very oily – especially around the T-zone – with unsightly pimples coming to the surface. My normal cleansing routine didn’t seem to be doing the job, so I decided to give the Philips Visapure a try.

Using the brush head for normal skin, I started off on the low vibration setting, and paired it with my usual facial wash, cleansing twice a day, morning and night. After two days, I moved to the high setting, and within four days I noticed the oiliness starting to disappear.

After almost two weeks of use, my skin has completely cleared up. It feels much smoother and cleaner, and my confidence level is back to its pre-pregnancy high. I’ll definitely continue to use the VisaPure as a part of my daily facial cleansing routine!

Dana Kinghorn, business manager, Australia



I was keen to try the Philips VisaPure to compare it with the effects of a similar cleansing device that I already owned .

It came with two types of brush head to try, sensitive and normal, and it only took a short time to fully charge.

The design was extremely pretty, but it also felt quite fragile – I found it was hard to get a good grip of. It also took some time to get used to the way the brush vibrated.

Although the brush is smaller, I found it hard to get it to clean my nose and chin properly as it would keep oscillating away from my face. When compared to the device I had already been using, I didn’t feel that my skin was much cleaner.

Cassie Renshall, marketing and business development manager, Australia

Before (left) and after: Rachael and her pal Natalie
Before (left) and after: Rachael and her pal Natalie


Pure is certainly how I felt after rolling this curious device all over my face for the first time. I used to think that my face felt clean after using my daily cleanser and toner at home. I now realise that I was actually more like a chimney sweep after a fight with a warthog – the feeling of cleanliness when I tried out the Phillips VisaPure for the first time was unbelievable. I stroked my face so much afterwards that I may well have reversed its effects.

Due to that “washed-by-angels” feeling my face was experiencing, it was tempting to use the brush for far longer than advised, particularly because I have oily skin that can feel grubby after a long day at work. But ever the geek, I stuck to the instructions and haven’t looked back.

It’s no miracle wand – I still get hormonal spots when Mother Nature decides it’s time to play havoc with my face; however, the small bumpy spots caused by clogged makeup and consistent sweating around town now clear up after one or two days of using the VisaPure.

Rachael Wheeler, online editor, UK



I thoroughly enjoyed using this beauty gadget. The brush (I used the normal brush head) massaged my skin very gently, and my face felt very clean and exceptionally smooth afterwards. I also found the 20-second timer very useful for switching between the different facial zones.

I use the VisaPure with my usual cleansing wash and the difference is tangible. In the evening, I add another minute to use the brush under my chin and on my neck. It’s also great preparation before using a facial mask, as I believe it allows better absorption of the nutrients.

The brush design is fantastic, too. It’s waterproof, very easy to keep clean and looks good in my bathroom. The clever design stops it from rolling over when you put it down, and it’s very light, which comes in handy when packing for weekends away. Top marks!

Jarmila Frost, sales manager, Czech Republic


The Philips VisaPure is available at all major electrical and department stores for $229. Additional brush heads (including one for normal skin, sensitive skin and for exfoliating) range between $14 and $21. For regular users, brush heads should be changed every three to four months.


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