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Tried and Tested: Skincare products from LE Privaté Clinic

Singapore’s changeable and humid climate can easily throw skin off balance, making it more sensitive, dry and irritable. To find a solution to these problems, four EL readers test-drive a range of products from LE Privaté Clinic Skincare Collection.


Wendy Pearse, working mum, South Africa

It’s hard to find a non-greasy face cream that I can apply in the morning without looking like a glistening, reflective beaconwithin minutes of stepping outside.

Being on the other side of 40 now (I won’t go so far as saying the “wrong” side!), I need to be more disciplined about my skincare routine, so the timing was perfect to sample the LE Crème Premium Glow moisturiser ($70).

It definitely lives up to its product description of being “ultra lightweight” and able to refine the skin’s texture. When I use it in the morning, it sinks quickly into the skin and does not feel heavy or leave a layer of product.

The other thing I love about it is the packaging. It reminds me of the nail polish dispensers in nail salons where you click the lid off, push down on the oversized dispenser that covers the top, and the cream comes up through a tiny hole in the centre. This makes dispensing the contents quick and easy. I would use this moisturiser again and recommend it to friends.



Helene Fung, manager, Australia

Since I moved to Singapore three years ago, my skin has become progressively worse and more sensitive. For this reason, I’m always on the lookout for products that won’t irritate my skin.

I tested the LE Privaté Clinic LE Cleanser ($52) for sensitive skin for just over a week. According to the instructions, it can be used as a daily facial cleanser, or on dry skin as a makeup remover.

When used as a facial wash, even though the product had a fragrance and smelt great it didn’t irritate my skin.

However, when I applied it using cotton puffs as a make-up remover, I felt a sharp, tingling sensation. While the instructions stated not to use the product as an eye makeup remover, it eveb irritated the skin on my cheeks and chin.

Although the cleanser worked fine when diluted with water, it was too strong for my skin when used direct from the bottle. As to the claims that with each wash the skin should feel younger, I have yet to see a difference.



Gina Fyffe, executive director, Scotland

As my skin tends to be very dry and sensitive, I was looking forward to trying out the nourishing LE Mask from LE Privaté Clinic ($15 per mask).

When opening the packet, I noted that the active ingredients were contained in a gel that covers a plastic sheet facemask, which you slide into place on your face.

Upon application, I thought that the mask’s texture felt rather too thick for my liking, and smelt like peroxide, which was unpleasant. Unfortunately, the smell stayed throughout the treatment.

The mask itself was difficult to position, since the eyeholes were too small for my face, and I had to pat down the edges to make the mask fit.

The result? My skin did feel softer and smoother for about 24 hours, but I don’t feel that the smell and uncomfortable process was worth the result. For that reason, I would not use the product again.


Le Private Clinic: Le Sunshield Sensitive
Le Private Clinic: Le Sunshield Sensitive


Eleonora Chiossi, statistician, Italy

The LE Sunshield ($50) is described as “a lightweight sunshield specially tailored to both nourish and protect the skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB. Non-comedogenic and suitable for young children.”

I used the sunshield for two weeks, and was immediately pleased with its non-oily sensation and good moisturising effect.

I applied the product daily before going outside, and I found that my skin reacted well to the sunshine. It tanned nicely without any burning sensation.

I would not, however, use it on my children, as I prefer a much stronger level of protection for their young skin. I would definitely recommend using such a product on a daily basis in a city like Singapore, where it’s so important to protect the skin from UV rays. I also really liked the packaging and the easy-to-use dispenser.

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