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Suits you: Style inspiration and tips from EX readers

Name: Elliot Barratt
Position: Founder/Director of Elliot James Interior Design

How would you describe your style?
I would say I have a classic, conservative style with an injection of modern.

Has that style evolved naturally, or have you been through some “interesting” phases?
It has evolved naturally, but I think through trial and error in a few places. I’ve found my style has matured over the years and I play it a little safer.


What’s your favourite item of clothing?
I would have to say my navy Gant linen jacket. It can dress up a pair of jeans or look sharp with a pastel pair of chinos, a white shirt and a well-chosen pocket square.

When did you first become interested in looking good?
I’ve always been aware of fashion and personal presentation. I remember always having to have a crisp white shirt at school and shiny shoes.

What has been your biggest fashion mistake?
I would imagine lots but once in particular when I shaved my head. I was hoping I had one of those perfectly shaped heads and a hairline like David Beckham, but I didn’t. I looked like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon. I wore a hat constantly for a month.

Any timeless classics that you’ve been wearing for years and years?
I’ve always been a huge fan of shoes so I’m very fond of a classic pair of brown brogues and also my tasseled slip-ons. In this climate they go very well with a light pair of chinos.

An item of clothing that your partner desperately wants you to throw away but you refuse?
I’m pretty particular about my clothing and I’m fortunate that she likes my style, so I don’t think so.

What style of suit do you prefer?
Classic three-piece suit, without doubt. I feel I walk a little taller when I’m wearing it. I always love the feeling of dressing smartly with a three-piece suit, pocket square and tie bar.

What styles or colours can help you look slim?
I seem to only wear navy rather than black, but I would say dark colours in general. Stay away from busy patterns and any horizontal stripes.

What’s your number one fashion tip for EX readers?
Keep it simple and buy clothes that fit – nothing worse than too much material. Tapered trousers and jeans, and a well-fitted shirt or jacket.