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Slumber in Style: Bedroom Furniture in Singapore

Shopping for bedroom furniture in Singapore can be overwhelming. There are so many excellent shops with a myriad of choices, styles, and price points available. Being on the doorstep to Asia, we have access to some beautiful Asian-inspired pieces, however European influences are also available. We chat to our readers for some design inspiration, and take a peek at their favourite items (we even include where to buy them!)
Bedroom Furniture in Singapore

Roland and Charlene Saldanha, and children Kaelyn and Keegan, Indian

When we moved to Singapore recently, we chose not to bring our old bed with us as we wanted to have a teak bed custom-made in Asia. Our intention was to get the bed made to order and then work around that when picking other pieces such as the bedside tables. We were looking for a reputable place to make our bed. Product design, quality and finish were of utmost importance to us.

Scanning through the Expat Living website, I stumbled upon an article on bedroom furniture and that’s where I learnt about Gallery 278. We were impressed with the quality of their products, the designs we saw and the reviews we read online. We met with Phillip from Gallery 278 at least three times before we finalised everything. I designed my own bed and gave my sketch to Philip, who then provided us with a final drawing that included dimensions. They informed us that it would be several weeks before our bed arrived, and they loaned us one in the meantime.

We wanted a king-sized bed with some Asian elements, but not the kind of opium bed that we saw everywhere we went. We also wanted it to be made from reclaimed teak, and we decided on a darker colour that would stand out against our honey-coloured wooden floor and also tie in with other elements in the room.

We’re very happy with our bed and with our experience at Gallery 278. They kept to the timeline, communications were always spot on, and we felt the price was good for a custom-made, quality product. Most importantly, they were able to make my design come alive.

Gallery 278
278 River Valley Road
6737 2322 | gallery278.com

Bedroom Furniture in Singapore
Yolanda Ribeiro, South African

We first shopped at Ni-Night over six years ago, when our son, then seven, wanted a bunk bed. Our requirements were simple: a wooden bed, preferably white, with an option of using it as two singles in the future – and it had to be durable.

We took the whole family to Majella’s home on the East Coast, where she used to run her business before she opened her shophouse in Joo Chiat Place, and my mum ended up buying us the bunk bed as a gift. We also purchased mattresses and ordered the trundle underneath. I had been a little unsure about a trundle, but it turned out to be a great investment as my son set up his Lego army in it and every night we could wheel it back under the bed. It now holds the extra mattress and linen we keep for our guests and their kids.

We are delighted with our Ni-Night purchases and continue to support the shop; in fact I recently bought two wrought iron beds, which I love for their shabby chic charm, as well as two duvet sets in navy blue to refresh my now teenage son’s room.

Our beds are now six-and-a-half years old and have survived three home moves, sleepovers, tent conversions and lots of rough play. We recently converted the bunk to two single beds more suited to a teenager, which instantly transformed the room.

It’s great to start a relationship with a small business and to see it grow and succeed, and we look forward to investing in some new pieces.

7 Joo Chiat Place
6440 7567 | ni-night.com
Bedroom Furniture in Singapore

Srijay and Sanchita Ghosh, Saket (3) and Shiven (3 months), Indian

We were replacing our queen-size bed with a king-size one, and we needed a desk for our master bedroom. For both pieces we were keen on rosewood or mahogany with an antique touch, and were interested in a four-poster bed.

We had read about The Past Perfect Collection online as well as in various home and lifestyle magazines, and when we visited the shop we were immediately enticed by the collection. It clearly gave the impression that each piece had been carefully and lovingly selected, and transformed painstakingly to its current condition. Each piece carried its colonial past with it, and speaking to Marie-Hélène and Pieter further affirmed our choice.

We purchased a four-poster bed and a table, both rosewood pieces from Bombay that belong to India’s mid-19th-century British colonial period. These fit perfectly with our requirements and our overall home furniture setting, which is a mix of oriental Chinese and colonial India.

We’re highly pleased with our purchases and have had many complimentary comments from guests. We will definitely consider purchasing further items, including cupboards and trunks.

It’s essential to take the time to see a range of choices before making your purchase decision on these hardwood items, as they’re a long-term investment. After all, furniture makes up the home, and a home is a reflection of the family living in it.

The Past Perfect Collection
896 Dunearn Road, #02-01D Sime Darby Centre
6737 3078 | pastperfect.sg

Bedroom Furniture in Singapore

Andrea and Helmut Krebber, German

Our old sofa bed was no longer comfortable, so we were looking for a king-size bed for guests and for our children when they visit from Germany. We will also want to take it back to Germany when we leave Singapore in a couple of years, so it had to be durable and fit with our style. I read about Originals in Expat Living, and thought the pictures in the article were amazing. I like to mix modern contemporary with furniture from Southeast Asia, and Originals’ mix of industrial shabby-chic and ethnic style attracted me immediately.

We purchased a beautiful natural teak bed from Indonesia, from the Java recycled range. The legs have some distinctive carving, would fit with almost any style and are very robust, which is important for when you move back home. The wood used by Originals is old enough to survive the move to a drier climate, too; we have a number of expat friends who have moved back to other countries, particularly within Europe, and whose Asian furniture has split and cracked.

I’ve also purchased a grey Indian recycled dining table and Vincent Sheppard chairs, old corn mills used as a coffee table and stool, mirrors, and a carpet with amazing colours.

We’re happy with every single piece, and I often go and have a look at new things that have come in. I would still like to buy one of the grey glass cabinets, but would have to move to a bigger apartment first as our space is already full. My advice would be to just go to the showroom and get inspired!

896 Dunearn Road #02-03 Sime Darby Centre
6471 9918 | originals.com.sg

Sandra Pineda, Mexican

My husband and I recently decided to replace our own mattress and were looking at either a spring mattress or memory foam; as far as we were aware they were the firmest and and therefore best for the back. We tested our coil-spring one at the department store, lying down for at least half an hour; all seemed OK, but we’ve since realised that 30 minutes on a bed is not the same as spending all night in it!

While we were looking for a bigger bed and a new mattress for our guest room, we visited Sofzsleep to try their latex mattresses. We lay down on one and it was amazingly comfortable. Despite it being supposedly for the guest room, my son now uses it instead. Purchasing the bed and mattress was very easy; we didn’t have to wait for delivery, and the price was very good.

We’re now looking to change our recently purchased, very expensive and not-so-comfortable coil-spring mattress for latex, which has proven to be much more comfortable! Indeed, our recommendation is to try a latex mattress first; don’t keep on going for the same type of spring or foam mattress that you usually buy.

6100 4569 | sofzsleep.com

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