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Singles guide to Singapore: Top bars for meeting other expats

By: Louise Mitchell

Life in a new country can be difficult enough without having to worry about chasing romance and love – but, if you’re a singleton – this could be the key to really feeling at home.  Whether you’re an expert expat and looking for some fun or you’re new to Singapore and need some help settling in – meeting single expats is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Not to mention 4 to 10 – let’s get started.


When – Early evenings for after work drinks
Who – Full of recently arrived expats and casual CBD workers
What – Friendship and more, relaxed atmosphere with loosened ties and collars
Tip –Prelude is always full by 7:00pm so be prepared to share your table with strangers and make friends with everybody around you.


When – Tuesday night is ladies night!
Who – Early 40s expat businessmen and young locals
What – Long-term relationships, lots of couples in smoky corners
Tip – Jazz bands often play in the basement and you can find a corner sofa to sink into with a special friend, ordering drinks to your table and foot-tapping the night away.

A stellar spot to catch the fireworks

 Long Bar

When – Anytime day or night, Long Bar is always bustling
Who – Tourists and a more casual, relaxed expat – no businessmen here
What – Colonial club feel attracts the playful and open-minded!
Tip – Long Bar is the home of the original Singapore Sling, so make sure you order one.  The strangely light and open atmosphere is unique and conversation won’t be hard to come by.

1 Altitude

live music bar singapore
Feel like you’re (literally) on top of the world here

When – Evenings (rooftop bar – make sure it’s dry!)
Who –
Businessmen and woman – lots of money here!
What – Temporary indulgence – short-term romance in the high life
Tip – Check out Altitude’s creamy cocktails and make your way up to the glass-fronted balcony for the best view in the city.


When – After-dinner drinks to avoid the business meetings
Who – Very wealthy businessmen and supermodel-esque ladies
What – Trophy girl culture, expect some short-term fun
Tip – A lot of tables are private and booked so head to the middle of the bar floor for unreserved placements.  Waiters mix cocktails at your table so no need to move.


When – Weekend afternoons (for the sports!)
Who – Very relaxed and casual expats, young and middle-aged.
What – You’ll come out with ten new friends and possibly something more
Tip – An Australian bar and bistro with no-nonsense food and a real Aussie atmosphere.  Days of rugby and cricket will be particularly lively, with lots of hugging and cheering!


Fistfuls of confetti for all

When – Late nights and well into the early hours
Who – Young, popular in-crowd of wealthy expats
What – Definitely a singles bar, don’t expect wedding bells
Tip – The Member’s Bar is where the real party is, where the drinks and money flow to the sound of internationally famous DJs.  Take out a membership and make the most of it.


When – Before the 10pm lock-in!  At its best on Fridays & Saturdays
Who – Party animals and big drinkers, a student-like atmosphere
What – Another real hit with singletons, no strings attached
Tip – The doors close at 10pm so make sure you’re here early, then head down into the depths and expect loud music, strong drinks and an unforgettable night.

Prince of Wales

When – 11pm onwards when backpackers return to this hostel bar
Who – Young travellers, backpackers and casual, no-frills expats
What – Most are only in Singapore briefly, so don’t expect long-term romance
Tip – Another Aussie run bar with cheap drinks and live music.  Great traditional beer garden and one of the friendliest atmospheres in the whole city.  A must for those who miss home.

A casual, friendly atmosphere
A casual, friendly atmosphere

Five Izakaya

When – Early evening for the relaxed after-work feel
Who – No CBD workers, young and friendly crowd without pretence
What – Long-term love, Five Iyazaka is full of groups of friends – relaxing and open
Tip – Serving beer, wine and finger food over complex dishes and cocktails, Five Iyazaka is traditional Singapore with a modern expat vibe.  Expect to see people lounging on sofas, rather than barstools

Bar CoCoon

When – After midnight – the drinks flow until 5am!
Who – Real partygoers who are looking for a long night of fun.
What – Some of the best short-term action you’ll find in the city.
Tip – Bar CoCoon is entered via an airlock and can only serve vodka – beer and wine freeze in the below zero temperatures. Expect to be sharing each other’s body heat for comfort! 

Louise Mitchell spends half of her year in London, the rest in Singapore.  As a marketing guru and relationship coach, Louise is working with Lovestruck Singapore to compile a comprehensive guide to the best singles hotspots in The Lion City.  Louise can normally be found in her apartment, curled into a hangover ball after a late night at Pitmasters!

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