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Shopping in Singapore: Finding the perfect bra

The perfect bra – fantasy or feasible? Carla K investigates.

Bras, jeans and swimsuits… the mere thought of shopping for these items sends a shiver up the spine of many women. But why is it so tricky to find the perfect bra? Well, it’s not, if you follow two pieces of advice: understand your body shape and let the professionals help.

Shop for your perfect inner-wear companion with our handy bra guide

Out of sight, out of mind, is sometimes how we feel about our underwear, but the right or wrong bra and knickers can mean the difference between a whole outfit looking at its best, or not being worn at all.

Certain body shapes require specific cuts and styles. Here are some tips about what each body shape should look for in a bra.

Hourglass: Moulded full cup or demi cup

Triangle: Push-up or balcony bra to enhance the bust

Inverted triangle: minimising bra, full cup for support

Round: all-in-one bra and body shaper, smooth, minimising styles

Rectangle: Mounded full cup, slight push-up to create shape

Seeking the advice of a professional is my biggest tip, so I spoke to the lingerie spokesperson for Marks and Spencer to find out what to look for in a bra and what the latest trends are.

How important is it to get a well-fitting bra?

Comfort aside, an ill-fitting bra can also be the cause of health issues like headaches, tingling in the hands, stretch marks, breast pain and inverted nipples. In contrast, a well-fitting bra can make you look slimmer in seconds, improve your posture, and deliver a real confidence boost.

Why should we get a specialised fitter to do this? Can’t I do it myself?

Studies have shown that between 70 and 85 percent of women are in fact wearing the wrong size bra. Different companies follow slightly different patterns and sizing specifications, so the role of a professional bra fitter is to provide suggestions on the best bra for your body type.

What is the most flattering shape for a full cup?

For women who are heavier on top, it is usually best to draw attention away from the breasts and toward the body to create a look that’s in proportion. The balconette bra, for example, has an open neckline that doesn’t draw the breasts together too much, but still supports them in an understated and flattering way.

What is the trend in bras now?

Invisible support and stylish comfort are two key trends when it comes to bras today. Women are looking for more functional bras that complement their different outfits.

Whats new in strapless bras? Are they getting any easier to wear?

Marks & Spencer’s Flatter-Me strapless bra has been designed to shape and enhance the bust while creating an ultra-flattering silhouette. The deeper wing shape also eliminates unsightly bulges and the deep plunge push-up cup gives a dramatic shape to the cleavage.

So my advice is to allow some time, visit a specialised store such as Marks & Spencer and get a professional fitting. Keep in mind your wardrobe and lifestyle and of course your body shape. Make time to do this every year and you will always have beautiful bras that fit perfectly and enhance your entire wardrobe.

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